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Moxie Media Sets New Course for Conscious Commerce Under Kenneth W. Welch Jr.’s Leadership

Kenneth Welch Jr. leads Moxie Media into a new era, blending purpose with profit for impactful, conscious commerce.

Revolutionizing marketing, we're steering towards a future where profit and purpose coexist harmoniously.”
— Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2023 / -- Moxie Media Marketing is navigating towards a new north star under the stewardship of CEO Kenneth W. Welch Jr., according to a recent feature in Entreatment Monthly News. Alongside eco-activist spokeswoman Jessica Ann Greenwalt, Welch is charting a 2024 vision where purpose and profit seamlessly align.

“Today’s branding must echo the conscience of an increasingly mindful audience,” asserts Welch in Entreatment, signaling a redefinition of marketing. Rather than fuel consumerism, campaigns will now inspire action on social and environmental issues.

With Greenwalt as his co-strategist, Moxie Media aims to weave compelling narratives that resonate with audiences’ core values. Her fervor for conservation lays the foundation for Moxie’s new mission-driven marketing model.

“Jessica’s commitment to a sustainable tomorrow is the cornerstone of our strategy,” emphasizes Welch. “Her authentic influence has not only secured major partnerships but also elevated crucial environmental conversations.”

Indeed, Greenwalt walks the walk according to Entreatment, translating her eco-activism into tangible action with ventures like her nonprofit, Just In Time To Save A Life. Her resolve for driving change, along with her compassion, has amplified her influence.

Under Welch’s stewardship, Moxie Media will champion both eco-innovations and policy reform for sustainability. The agency will also showcase startups and challenge the endless pursuit of growth over environmental health.

The tide is already turning, notes Entreatment. Early indicators show donations surging for Greenwalt’s nonprofit alongside her amplified reach. “Consumers now mandate that brands align culturally and ethically with their values,” remarks industry expert George.

With their clarion call for conscious commerce, Welch and Greenwalt envision over 50% of all companies embedding ethical guidelines by 2025. Moxie Media aims to ignite this new era where a brand’s real worth is measured by its impact on society.

“We’re championing a revolution that highlights shared values between brands and patrons,” concludes Welch. “Marketing is a potent tool when used with integrity. We're igniting the advancement of consciousness commerce-wide.”

To learn more about Moxie Media’s pivotal new direction under Kenneth Welch Jr., see the full feature in Entreatment Monthly News:

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