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Global Cruises Announces Exciting New Destination at St. Barts

The image is of a photo taken on the island of St. Barts showcasing a pool deck, pool, white crystal waters and beach. There are white umbrellas and the entire scene is tranquil and peaceful.

Shore Excursion in St. Barts

Thirty years in the making, island opens its doors to a host of new tour experiences from adventure to tranquility

Global Cruises' addition of St. Barts as a travel destination highlights the continued growth of the tourism industry post-pandemic showcasing the demand for luxury experiences and shore excursions.”
— Leyla Osorio

MIAMI, FL, USA, December 5, 2023 / -- Global Cruises, a leader in luxury cruise experiences, has announced the addition of St. Barts to its list of exclusive destinations, starting Dec. 12, following a trial period that began last month. This new destination offers passengers an unparalleled opportunity to explore one of the most picturesque and sought-after islands in the Caribbean.

"Our commitment to providing extraordinary travel experiences drives us to expand our destinations," said Leyla Osorio, CEO of Global Cruises. "St. Barts, known for its luxury, sophistication and vibrant culture, is the perfect addition to our shore excursions and luxury cruise offerings."

Renowned for its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and upscale allure, St. Barts is an idyllic destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Global Cruises guests will enjoy exclusive luxury experiences, including panoramic tours, scenic drives, yoga classes, exquisite meals and mixology experiences, to name a few, all curated to provide an immersive experience in the island's unique charm and beauty.

Global Cruises continues to set the standard for innovative and immersive shore excursions. The St. Barts tour excursions are offered on various luxury cruise lines including Oceania, Regent Seven Seas and Explora. Operating tours on a weekly basis, guests have eight types of experiences to choose from for their curated excursion.

This year, the company is proud to reveal its collaboration with 14 leading cruise operators, including Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, while maintaining a robust network of more than 550 global partners and shore excursion staff. For more information, please visit

About Global Cruises:
Global Cruises is a premier global tour operator dedicated to delivering unparalleled shore excursions and land programs to cruise passengers worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Global Cruises provides a spectrum of experiences designed to create unforgettable memories. From local, immersive tours to ultra-luxury curated experiences, Global Cruises is synonymous with adventure, sustainability, and sophistication in the cruise excursion industry.

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