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Dr. Gregory Frazier, like Atlas, shrugged

Like Atlas, professional motorcycle adventurist, Dr. Gregory Frazier, shrugs.

Adventure Motorcycling explained, rapidly expanding motorcycle market niche for 2024

This is a giant step for adventure seeking man and woman-kind. It explains who, how and where motorcycle adventuring was, is and will be for the adventuresome.”
— Dr. Gregory W. Frazier
DENVER, COLORADO, USA, December 5, 2023 / -- Global motorcycle adventurer, Dr. Gregory W. Frazier (six times around the world on motorcycles), has once again rocked the motorcycling world up, down and sideways with a revealing and extensive look at the fast growing market niche of adventure motorcycling. Working with well-known ADVMoto magazine Senior Editor, Paul H Smith, they microscoped the rapidly expanding adventure motorcycling trend and culture with ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLIST: FRAZIER SHRUGGED, a 354-page look at the industry “good, bad and dirty.”

Included is researched, entertaining, esoteric, colorful and thought provoking content exploring:

What constitutes a motorcycle adventure?

Which motorcycle is the best for motorcycle adventuring, be it urban or around the world?

Adventure motorcycling solo or joining other adventure riders?

Big versus little motorcycles for adventure?

A motorcycle adventure with Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson?

Real versus fake and poser adventure riders, and the “Starbucks Queens”

Snake oil sales of adventure marketed motorcycles and gear?

This treatment is provocative, a “Whoa! Grab your helmet and protective reading gear—we’re going on adventurous ride through the esoteric and existential eyes of America’s most extreme adventure motorcyclist, described as the world’s most cerebral motorcycle adventurer.”

Extensively researched, the publication separates the adventure motorcycling wheat from the chaff in the expanding adventure motorcycle market segment and defines the parameters of the definition. As Jack Robinson, motorcycling founder of the Four Stroke Singles National Owners Club, said of the publication, it’s serious adventure “moto-meat!”


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