CIFER.AI Successfully First Closes $CIF Token Sale; Next Round Coming Soon, Aiming for 2024 Seed Investment

CiferAI Celebrates $CIF First Close: $500K in Successful Funding

CiferAI Celebrates $CIF First Close: $500K in Successful Funding

CIFER.AI's $500K success in the first round paves way to 2024 seed round, advancing robust AI-Blockchain tech for ethical, efficient, and regulatory-ready AI

Not just an AI-Blockchain Project, CiferAI's reinvented AI-Blockchain robust framework offers an unmatched competitive edge for an ethical, efficient AI future”
— Miranda Son, CEO of CiferAI

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, December 4, 2023 / -- CiferAI, at the forefront of decentralized collective learning and AI-focused blockchain technology, announces the completion of its $500,000 USD $CIF token sale to angel investors. This initial success demonstrates strong market interest and sets the stage for the next phase of funding. The company is focusing on a combined total of $1 million for the upcoming rounds and is also planning to secure a seed round investment in the next year.

Miranda Son, CEO of CiferAI, reflects on the company’s achievements and forward-looking plans: “We are immensely grateful for the support we received in our first token sale. As we prepare for the next rounds, aiming for a combined total of $1 million, we are also strategically planning to secure a seed round investment in the coming year. These steps are crucial in our mission to advance our AI and blockchain technology and expand our business. We regret that we couldn’t accommodate all the investment requests in this first round, but we are enthusiastic about providing more opportunities in our upcoming rounds.”

Parit Dadach, CTO of CiferAI, adds his perspective: “Our journey to redefine AI through collective learning and blockchain integration is an ambitious one. With our unique approach, we break down silos and foster collaboration, ultimately creating more ethical, efficient, and comprehensive AI solutions. Our team is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what AI and blockchain can achieve together.”

The funds raised from the recent token sale are set to be strategically invested in advancing CiferAI’s technological capabilities and scaling up the business operations. This investment will be crucial in enhancing the platform's core features, developing innovative AI solutions, and expanding our reach in the blockchain space. While ensuring robust security remains a priority, our focus will extend beyond compliance to include overall technological refinement and business growth, ensuring CiferAI continues to lead in the AI-Blockchain industry.

"We are confident in the superiority of our technology and the complexity of our solutions, which distinctly position us in a competitive landscape. Unlike most AI/Blockchain startups that concentrate on isolated problems and solutions within their respective silos, CiferAI delves deeply into both the domain of blockchain infrastructure and the framework of AI Collective Learning. This dual focus necessitates double the time and resources, but the outcomes are incredibly satisfying and powerful. Our unique approach not only sets us apart but also reinforces our commitment to delivering robust and comprehensive solutions in the AI and blockchain space," Miranda Son elaborated.

With her extensive experience, including her impactful roles as a former CTO at 11st, Korea’s e-commerce unicorn (Thailand branch), and as Co-Founder of AVA AI Investment, and her VC journey with V Ventures; Miranda Son is adeptly steering CiferAI towards a future of democratized AI through decentralized collective learning. Her diverse background in technology leadership and entrepreneurship is central to CiferAI’s innovative approach and ambitious growth strategy.

“Our ongoing discussions with industry leaders, potential partners, and numerous AI startups, as well as well-established data providers, are shaping an exciting future for CiferAI. We're thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with these diverse entities, as together we can bring about a more efficient, performant, and ethical AI landscape. This collaborative approach is fundamental to our vision of leveraging AI to its fullest potential while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and decentralization,” Miranda Son added.

As CiferAI embarks on its next phase of development and funding, we warmly invite the global tech community to join us in this groundbreaking journey. Your collaboration and interest are invaluable as we pave the way for a more efficient, ethical, and decentralized AI future.

Together, let's shape a future where AI empowers everyone.
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