Franco-British National Association Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Distinguished Honoree and Prestigious Venue

Franco-British National Association Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Distinguished Honoree and Prestigious Venue

PARIS, FRANCE, FRANCE, December 3, 2023 / -- The ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the Franco-British National Association took place brilliantly at the Luxembourg Palace "Senate" in the René Coty Room on November 27, 2023, in the presence of Senator Olivier Cadic, the event's patron, and Senator Jocelyne GUIDEZ.

Thierry Rayer was honored with a distinction for his efforts in favor of peace, the right to happiness, and his commitment to making art and culture accessible to young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Founded in 1933, the Franco-British National Association is one of the oldest patriotic associations, registered under number 175 at the Ministry of Defense Secretariat. This association holds an honorary position under the presidency of Her Majesty Queen Mother Elizabeth of England, Mr. Albert Lebrun, and Mr. René Coty, former Presidents of the French Republic.

Its main objective is to promote, maintain, and strengthen the friendship forged between our two nations, born from the Entente Cordiale and consolidated on the battlefields of the two world wars, as well as in covert or resistance operations. Looking to the future, the association focuses on the duty of remembrance, tirelessly transmitted to new generations to perpetuate the memory of those who defended the homeland.

Thierry Rayer's project aims to instill fundamental knowledge of humanity in art and science to the youth, enabling them to understand and appreciate the meaning of universal culture. For this, he has created tools such as educational and interactive videos, easily accessible and tailored to young people of different ages and backgrounds. Booklets, brochures, and posters illustrating various aspects of culture, art, and science are designed for distribution and use as educational materials.

Thierry Rayer's objectives are:
- Access to art and culture: Opening the doors to cultural knowledge for every child, thus fostering a future enriched by cultural and artistic diversity.
- Peace: Emphasizing the importance of peace, showing how culture and art have always played a role in bringing people together.
- Right to happiness: By focusing on the joys that knowledge of art and science brings, aiming to strengthen the fundamental right of every young person to seek and find happiness.
- Transmission: Raising awareness among the youth about the importance of transmitting knowledge, culture, and traditions to preserve the heritage of humanity.

Thierry Rayer says: "We aspire to convey a profoundly humanistic message. By promoting access to art and culture among the youth, we hope to cultivate world citizens respectful of diversity and open to different perspectives. By asserting the importance of quality education, we place at the heart of our approach the right of every young person to flourish and aspire to happiness. This educational fusion also ensures a robust cultural transmission, honoring concrete knowledge and personal expression.

Our ambition is to offer young people a vision of the world where the cultures and arts of the world, far from being in opposition, form a harmonious, balanced, and enriching whole.

Through a day at UNESCO, we hope to allow 800 young people from disadvantaged families benefiting from the French Popular Relief to familiarize themselves with culture and also through an Arab world tour, present universal culture to the youth."

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