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The Superiority of Deep Plane Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift Explained

Deep plane facelift by Dr. Kevin Sadati

Deep plane facelift in California

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There are many different types of facelift techniques, but there is one that stands out as the gold standard for facial rejuvenation.

Deep plane facelift offers superior and longer-lasting results, providing natural-looking rejuvenation that truly stands the test of time.”
— My facial rejuvenation brings youth and refreshment to individuals faces

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2023 / -- In the field of facial plastic surgery, there are various techniques and procedures available to address the signs of aging. However, one technique that stands out as a superior option is the Deep Plane Facelift, according to expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati of California. Facelift surgery has long been considered a mainstay of facial rejuvenation.

It involves the dissection of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system and a deep-plane facelift to achieve optimal results in restoring a youthful and natural appearance to the face.

The Deep Plane Facelift differs from other facelift techniques, such as the SMAS facelift, in that it involves a deeper dissection and repositioning of the facial structures.

Dr. Sadati explains that the Deep Plane Facelift focuses on releasing the facial retaining ligaments and repositioning the facial fat compartments, which leads to a more comprehensive and long-lasting rejuvenation of the face.

This technique allows for a more precise and thorough correction of the nasolabial fold, a common area of concern for many patients. Dr. Sadati emphasizes that several anatomic studies have shown the advantage of the Deep Plane Facelift in improving the nasolabial fold.

The deep plane facelift technique, first described by Hamra in 1990, has revolutionized facial rejuvenation procedures by creating a skin flap that not only addresses the superficial layers but also releases the retaining ligaments of the face. Dr. Sadati further refine the technique and created Preservation Deep Plane Facelift to reduce excessive tissue manipulation and faster recovery.

This deep plane technique results in a musculo-fasciocutaneous flap with excellent blood supply, allowing for better healing and long-term results. In addition to its superior rejuvenation capabilities, the Deep Plane Facelift also offers a longer duration of correction compared to other facelift techniques. Dr. Sadati explains that this is due to the deeper dissection and repositioning of the facial structures, which provides a more comprehensive and long-lasting rejuvenation. Furthermore, the deep plane facelift technique allows for a smoother and more natural-looking outcome. Deep plane facelift surgery is a highly specialized procedure that requires a thorough understanding of the facial anatomy and careful, precise techniques. This surgical gold standard not only targets the signs of aging on the surface but also dives deep to address the underlying structures responsible for facial sagging and volume loss.

For patients seeking comprehensive rejuvenation, the deep plane facelift offers a unique advantage in addressing the challenging midface area and the prominent nasolabial folds. The deep plane facelift not only provides a long-lasting correction of the nasolabial fold but also addresses the incompatibility between the nasolabial folds and the jawline. This is achieved by dissection of the malar fat pad, creating a more significant improvement in the nasolabial region and yielding more satisfying long-term results for patients. The deep plane technique has evolved over time to incorporate the elevation and repositioning of the lower part of the orbicularis oculi muscle, leading to the emergence of the "Composite Facelift. The Composite Facelift combines the benefits of the deep plane technique with the dissection of the lower portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle, resulting in a thick flap that is suspended vertically. This technique not only addresses the midface and nasolabial folds but also enhances the jawline and neck at once creating a heart shaped face. This approach allows for a more natural results and harmonious outcome, as it restores the youthful contours of the face.

One of the key advantages of the deep plane facelift is its ability to rejuvenate the midface area and effectively address the lower face and neck in a vertical fashion rather than pulling the face horizontally causing pulled look. In traditional SMAS facelifts, the correction of the midface cannot be achieved, often resulting in incomplete rejuvenation of the nasolabial folds. However, the deep plane facelift technique, with its sub-SMAS dissection and release of retaining ligaments, allows for a more extensive and natural rejuvenation of the midface. The repositioning of the malar fat pad, a key component of the deep plane technique, plays a crucial role in achieving this comprehensive rejuvenation.

Furthermore, advances in deep plane technique has evolved to newer technique called preservation facelift.

Dr. Sadati has been voted best facelift surgeon in California by LA Times and OC register and nationally known for his revolutionary facelift techniques. His state-of-the-art facility is located in the Newport Beach California offering facial rejuvenation procedures for a diverse clientele including men and women from nearly every country around the world and every walk of life. He prides himself in providing the best possible treatment options for our patients and spend the time required to make sure he clearly understands their desired results and have formulated a plan to achieve them. His staff of experienced professionals are available to inform, support, and encourage our patients as they go through the decision-making process, and their pre and post-operative experience.

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