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JPENC introduces the BFOS Series, a computerized fire-extinguishing facility management solution for buildings

The Interface image of 'BFOS,’ a program designed to manage building fire safety features | Photo by JPENC

The Interface image of 'BFOS,’ a program designed to manage building fire safety features | Photo by JPENC

INCHEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), December 4, 2023 / -- JPENC (Justice and Peace Engineering & Consulting, CEO Kyoung-jin Kim), which was selected by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) for the business sector of the 2023 Leading Remote Service Activation Project in the Field of Daily Life, is a company with multiple firefighting-related licenses in the professional firefighting design business, professional firefighting supervision business, professional firefighting construction business, firefighting facility management business, and fire protection treatment business.

JPENC provides practical engineering work and services in all fire safety fields with these licenses. According to the company, it is leveraging its specialized digital transformation capabilities to secure nearly 100 intellectual property rights, including eight domestic patents, ten patent applications, three design rights, four trademarks, eight trademark applications, 34 program copyright registrations, two overseas patent applications PCT, two designated countries Singapore recruitments, two overseas trademark registrations, one application, INNOBIZ certification, MAINBiz certification, and ISO certification.

Several fire incidents have alarmed the public in recent years, highlighting the importance and need for fire safety management. With this development, JPENC is actively expanding its service by developing proprietary solutions to help prevent fire and collaborating with fire facility management agencies.

JPENC’s core service is the Building Facility Optimization Solution (BFOS). BFOS is a building maintenance solution specialized for firefighting facilities. It is recognized for its excellent scalability, as it can easily manage buildings nationwide. In addition, unlike similar services to reduce building management costs, BFOS is differentiated by its ability to control fire facilities in compliance with the Fire Services Act.

BFOS-APT, a specialized version for multiplex housing management, has also been well-received in the industry. It can manage multiple buildings simultaneously and provide enhanced functionality, such as the tools for inspecting apartment buildings as required by the Fire Services Act.

In this regard, an official from JPENC said, “According to the Fire Almanac published by the National Fire Agency, firefighting facility failure is the biggest reason for large-scale fires. We realized a need for preventive and systemic management of firefighting facilities. We developed a solution that complies with the Fire Services Act and expands firefighting facilities to provide integrated building management features.”

In addition, the company released BFOS and BFOS-APT with upgraded functions by the revised Fire Services Law. Home and building owners can now inspect their units with the program and its added features, whether private homes or multiplex housing. This helps homeowners and building inspectors alike. The company is also preparing to release the Eng-DX solution to computerize the design and supervision work. JPENC plans to expand the firefighting industry to the architectural, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, telecommunications, firefighting, and landscaping sectors to introduce solutions that computerize design and supervision and provide specialized services for each field.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Heo Seong-wook, hereafter ‘NIPA’) is promoting the “2023 Activation of Digital Services in Public Convenience Sectors” to encourage the spread of contact-free services in areas close to people’s lives, such as business, household consumption, education/evaluation, and wellness/health in response to the endemic era. Starting in 2021, this project has selected and supported vital investment areas requiring an urgent digital transition due to the accelerated shift to a digital-focused economy and society in the post-COVID-19 era. JPENC was chosen for the business sector.

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