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Onthelive to Announce ITRAINING, a Web-based Remote IT Training Platform with information protection experts

ITRAINING’s Access Screen | Photo by Onthelive

ITRAINING’s Access Screen | Photo by Onthelive

SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), December 4, 2023 / -- Onthelive (CEO Sung-uk Yang), which was selected by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) for the education/evaluation sector of the 2023 Leading Remote Service Activation Project in the Field of Daily Life, was founded as a dedicated EduTech company. It is now a growing platform developer dedicated to developing AX (AI Transformation) technology.

Onthelive encompasses areas such as convergence education, broadcasting, and specialized research and provides a wide range of services, including △ Onthelive, a real-time remote interactive video education platform; △ StudyLive, a comprehensive digital education platform utilizing smart pen; △ Brix On&On, a live commerce platform, and △ AIMM, a personalized My GPT platform.

The company’s services feature VM and web-based IT hands-on training, multi-view network traffic reduction technology, AI voice noise and howling removal technology, document preprocessing technology for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and Korean question expansion technology.

In particular, ITRAINING, the company’s flagship service, and the most popular platform, is a platform that realizes remote hands-on IT training in the cloud environment, featuring systematic training curriculums to help train engineers in servers, networks, security, and databases. At the same time, it dramatically reduces the time required to build a training environment by supporting instant hands-on training through a web browser.

In addition, its structure effectively prevents unwanted disclosure of content, which is a concern for professors and instructors, and it has been well received by trainees, especially since it allows for personal practice even after class.

"We wanted to collect the requirements of trainees and training service operators in detail and reflect them in the development and updates of ITRAINING," said a representative from Onthelive. Educational institutions promote the use of our product, and we will focus on solving technical errors and issues in actual environments.

Recently, the government has emphasized the cultivation of a professional worker pool and created market demand in the public sector to revitalize the information security industry. The cultivation of information security professionals has been included as one of the ten policies to be reinforced by 2025. As related policies, regulations, and supports are expected to increase, we will target domestic security personnel training institutions, financial institutions, medical corporations, universities, and public education institutions, as our ITRAINING platform meets most of their needs."

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Heo Seong-wook, hereafter 'NIPA') is promoting the "2023 Activation of Digital Services in Public Convenience Sectors” to encourage the spread of contact-free services in areas close to people's lives, such as businesses, household consumption, education/evaluation, and wellness/health in response to the endemic era. Starting in 2021, this project has selected and supported vital investment areas requiring an urgent digital transition due to the accelerated shift to a digital-focused economy and society in the post-COVID-19 era. Onthelive has been selected for the education/evaluation sector.

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