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Brandom™ Facilitates Tree of Life Naturopathics' Transformation into a Wellness Powerhouse

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Tree of Life Naturopathics

Tree of Life Naturopathics

Kim Castle

Kim Castle

Brandom introduces Tree of Life Naturopathics’ Maintain all-inclusive wellness subscription with a comprehensive array of services for a low monthly fee.

Brandom™ led us to the “Maintain” product, an innovation in well care. With Brandom™ handling all of my marketing, I can stay focused on coaching my clients back to wellness.”
— Todd Nelson D.Sc.
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2023 / -- Brandom™, an award-winning, leading-edge strategic brand and marketing agency renowned for its process-based approach in coaching, business development, brand creation, and thought-leadership marketing, proudly unveils the successful rebranding and launch of its esteemed client, Todd Nelson, D.Sc. With a legacy spanning four decades as a natural health leader, Todd Nelson has relaunched as Tree of Life Naturopathics, introducing a groundbreaking wellness approach—the Power to Be Well Maintain program.

Power to Be Well Maintain: Pioneering Naturopathic Wellness Subscription

In a strategic move inspired by conventional medicine's subscription-based primary care models, Tree of Life Naturopathics introduces the Power to Be Well Maintain program. This innovative, all-inclusive naturopathic wellness subscription is designed to revolutionize the approach to health and well-being. Unlike anything seen in integrative and naturopathic practices, this program offers a comprehensive array of services for a low consistent monthly fee.

Unprecedented Services for Holistic Well-Being

The Power to Be Well Maintain program encompasses a holistic approach to wellness, providing clients with assessments, check-ups, wellness labwork, foundational nutritional supplements, monthly coaching with a trusted naturopathic expert, emergency health calls, and secure ongoing communication through a dedicated client portal—all bundled into one affordable monthly price.

Todd Nelson, the visionary behind this transformative initiative, reflects on the evolving landscape of wellness over the past 40 years: "The world has certainly changed since I first started seeing clients and lecturing on the necessity of a naturopathic approach to maintain wellness. People need hands-on, reliable wellness support now more than ever. I'm thrilled to partner with Brandom™ to offer our services in a whole new and affordable way for those seeking a natural, reliable path to health and wellness."

Kim Castle, co-founder of Brandom™, expresses the agency's pride in collaborating with Tree of Life Naturopathics. Todd Nelson's commitment to guiding individuals back to their native state of health aligns seamlessly with Brandom's™ ethos of creating impactful brands. Castle shares her personal experience, emphasizing Todd Nelson's unique gift as a compassionate healer and the singular path he creates for individuals on their journey to wellness.

Business and Brand Transformation: A Collaborative Journey

Todd Nelson emphasizes the invaluable role Brandom™ played in every facet of his business, from foundational development to brand enhancement. Brandom™ provides monthly coaching, science-backed business and brand development guidance, creative services, and full-featured, optimized marketing—all centered around the philosophy of thought leadership marketing. Todd continues, "Working with Brandom™ on all parts of my business foundation has been incredibly strengthening. I've found a renewed sense of why I started my business in the first place, and the power my brand and its products can have. This led us to the “Maintain” product, an innovation in well care. With Brandom™ handling all of my marketing, I can stay focused on coaching my clients back to wellness.”

For three decades, Brandom™ has empowered founders and entrepreneurs, guiding them to manifest their ideas of change into powerful brands and sustainable businesses. Their partnership with Tree of Life Naturopathics signifies a commitment to elevating brands that not only stand the test of time but also contribute meaningfully to the well-being of individuals.

Ready for Change? Contact Brandom™ for a Discovery Call

If you feel the call for change in your field of expertise and believe you are called for more, reach out to Brandom™ for a discovery call for a discovery call to see if you are ready to create your business for good using thought leadership.

In the dynamic landscape of wellness, Tree of Life Naturopathics and Brandom™ emerge as trailblazers, offering innovative solutions for those seeking a natural and reliable path to health and wellness. The Power to Be Well Maintain program stands as a testament to their dedication to transforming the way we approach well-being.

About Brandom™
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