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FEMA Provides $4 Million to Montana for Flood Recovery

DENVER – FEMA has approved more than $4 million in Public Assistance funding for road repairs and debris removal costs related to the 2022 Montana floods. FEMA has approved roughly $37 million in Public Assistance funding for the 2022 Montana flooding recovery to date.

FEMA is providing $1,998,589.49 to Stillwater County for repairs to North Stillwater Road, which was washed out in multiple locations by the flooding. The repairs will consist of replacing fill and gravel at six different sites along the road. In addition, geotextiles will be placed in the roadbed and riprap will be placed along embankments to minimize potential flooding in the future.

Montana Disaster and Emergency Services has been awarded $2,029,500.00 for debris removal efforts in Carbon County. The funding will provide for clearing rock and gravel debris from 32 waterway sites in the county.

This FEMA funding represents 75 percent of the cost of the project with the remaining cost share the responsibility of the State of Montana and Stillwater County. 

The FEMA Public Assistance program provides funding to governmental agencies and certain private non-profits for eligible disaster response costs and to repair or replace damaged public infrastructure. For more information about the Public Assistance program, visit: