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Edge Delivery can now be integrated into existing infrastructure

Edge Delivery leverages real-time data solution, Edge Analytics, to navigate infrastructure to identify and action the optimal route for live and VOD content.

TENERIFE, SPAIN, November 21, 2023 / -- Online video consumption of live events has grown exponentially over recent years, which has inevitably resulted in a surge in streaming traffic. This surge, however, does not necessarily translate into market saturation.

Edge Delivery, System73’s automated proactive decisioning tool, leverages real-time data solution, Edge Analytics, to read “the open internet” and proactively navigate the existing infrastructure to identify and action the optimal route for live and VOD content. Both services can be integrated into existing content delivery workflows by installing a simple SDK alongside the current video player.

The newest feature: Maintain current infrastructures

Edge Delivery can now be fully implemented and integrated into current content delivery workflows as a plug-and-play service. This recent development facilitates the chance to maintain current CDN infrastructures, partners and contracts, whilst leveraging the numerous advantages Edge Delivery offers content providers operating on multi-CDN networks, as well as CDNs. These advantages include:

1. Navigating the complexities of multiple partners and integrations: Edge Delivery obtains a bird’s eye view of all intervening nodes and links and the entire user journey to determine the optimal content delivery route.

2. Proactive failover: Informed by Edge Analytics, Edge Delivery is able to automate proactive mid-stream switching when an issue is detected in the network so that end users’ QoE is not affected.

3. Load balancing: When working with multiple CDNs, Edge Delivery is able to foresee potential issues and increase redundancy to optimize content delivery. When detected, Edge Delivery bypasses these bottlenecks by switching to the best-performing CDN.

4. Compatible with the latest content delivery industry standards: Edge Delivery has been designed from the ground up with full compatibility with the latest HLS and DASH standards for content steering. This allows content providers to future-proof multi-CDN strategies against any changes that may arise down the road, while combining players and providers compatible with these standards and avoiding vendor lock-in.

5. Promoting long-term benefits of the streaming community: As a full member of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) and many other streaming industry organizations, System73 promotes compatibility and standardization for the long-term benefits of the streaming community.

Gain full visibility with Edge Analytics

Edge Delivery not only provides the peace of mind that end-users will enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality live and VoD content, it also offers the global network visibility enabled by Edge Analytics. This complementary solution maps out the entire user journey as a continuous data stream (from initial start-up to disengagement), depicting the most relevant information that affects churn.

The combination of these two solutions translates into a stream of down-to-the-second data, correlates changes in viewer numbers and quality of experience, segregates data into optimal and suboptimal QoE populations, and provides real-time information on a single resolution/bitrate, single channel or all channels during the entire session.

What the future holds for Edge Delivery

In the not-so-distant future, Edge Delivery will be able to draw factors such as load capacity and commercial obligations into the equation and implement decisioning based on these parameters. This will include managing commitments to different CDNs and load balancing based on each agreement’s characteristics and limitations.

As for today, Edge Delivery can be integrated seamlessly into existing content delivery workflows through the installation of a simple SDK, thereby allowing System73’s solutions to analyze the available network, foresee potential issues and increase redundancy and failover. The overall result is a 20% improvement in the end users’ quality of experience, reduced distribution costs and peace of mind for content providers and CDNs. Edge Delivery helps manage the complexity of multi-CDN networks for successful live and VOD content delivery.

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