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Karl Reeves Steps Down from His CEO Title For the Honorary Role of a Lifetime: Single Dad

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , November 20, 2023 / -- He rose to the penthouse suite and built an elevator empire. After a lucrative exit, Karl Reeves descended from the clouds and returned to ground level. In a return to his roots, Reeves reflects on what he’s learned from his success in the New York City elevator industry, considering his next move. He feels a calling towards advancing technical education and credentialing opportunities in the traditionally blue-collar industry. Finance and non-profit opportunities have emerged. And while there is much to consider in his next professional role, this former CEO has traded his title for one of greater impact: Single Dad.

Family comes first. Reeves gained 100% physical and legal custody of his daughter in the wake of a difficult divorce. Focusing on raising her right and honoring his responsibilities as a loving father is first and foremost on his mind. In fact, when interviewed, Reeves naturally redirects the conversation back to his child. He doesn’t want to discuss business, but rather which book his little girl just read. It’s clear that, on his next adventure, Reeves’ career is in the back seat while his daughter rides shotgun.

Education is important. Reeves spares no expense in his daughters' education. Top private schools, nannies, exclusive youth programs. The level of financial investment, however, is eclipsed by Reeves’ focus on a rich set of extracurriculars to balance academics. The pair often escape NYC on the weekends to return to nature - running, riding bikes, fishing, and hiking. In addition to athletics, Reeves is also instilling in his child an appreciation for the arts. They were recently invited as guests to join Valentin Peytchinov at the Opera. Reeves is committed to providing a well-rounded education and an upbringing rich in both experience and personal attention.

The CEO to DAD transition has been seamless. For now, Reeves sees his “full-time job as focusing on [his] daughter.” Reeves recently remarked that his proudest achievements are those of his daughter. Though professional opportunities continue to emerge, Karl’s current focus is on his responsibilities as a parent. Any role he accepts will have to strike a similar balance to the education and cultivation of his daughter.

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