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A Look at Why Investors Choose Self-Directed IRAs

Why are investors choosing Self-Directed IRAs these days? American IRA recently weighed in with a post about the hows and whys.

ASHEVILLE, NC, US, November 30, 2023 / -- Self-Directed IRAs are a popular investment option for people who want more control over retirement accounts, but why are so many investors choosing Self-Directed IRAs these days? That was the main topic at a recent post at American IRA, where the Self-Directed IRA administration firm recently addressed not only why investors are seeking out these retirement arrangements, but how investors who are considering the same might approach it.

In the post, American IRA’s first section opened with the whys. Why choose a Self-Directed IRA in the first place? “The reasons are multiple,” said the post. That includes the flexibility that Self-Directed IRAs offer over a traditional brokerage firm arrangement. In a traditional approach to investing, a retirement investor might have a limited amount of options they can choose from, usually the public stock market. However, with a Self-Directed IRA in which the investor works with a custodian that offers the full range of assets available to retirement investors, the investor can access potential real estate, precious metal, and private company assets.

This means another advantage as well: diversification of asset classes, not just diversification within an asset class. Other investors may want to use the Self-Directed IRA to engage tax benefits and protections with a specific type of investment class. For example, investors with experience investing in real estate may choose to use a Self-Directed IRA simply because it’s the only way to add real estate to an account with tax benefits.

American IRA followed up that section with a section on how to use a Self-Directed IRA with a Self-Directed IRA administration firm. It explored some methods of funding the IRA as well. This provided a comprehensive introduction for investors who may be thinking about setting up a Self-Directed IRA, but aren’t quite sure what to make of the concept yet.

The Self-Directed IRA administration firm regularly releases information and guides for investors looking to learn more about Self-Directed IRAs. For more information, interested parties may reach out to American IRA at its website,, or call American IRA at 866-7500-IRA.

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