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Deeper Travel to Launch International Cultural Experience Services by Mid-2024

Deeper Travel

Research for Deeper Travel's international expansion has commenced, with launches scheduled in various regions throughout Europe and Asia for mid-2024

By using the same practices and philosophy perfected in our Japanese offices, we strive to provide more guests worldwide with a greater range of cultural heritage experiences.”
— Satoshi Eguchi

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 23, 2023 / -- After staunchly solidifying brand presence and holdings in Japan, Deeper Travel has announced news of planned international expansion by mid-2024. Research for the launch of these new areas of service has already been initiated, with a heightened focus on expansion in Europe and East Asia. This pioneering development will establish Deeper Travel on the global market, as well as provide an increased range of worldwide clientele with the opportunity to seamlessly encounter authentic cultural traditions when traveling.

According to Director of Community Engagement Satoshi Eguchi, “Foundational planning has already been completed for several locations outside of Japan, including the European Mediterranean coast, Central Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.”

Prior to this groundbreaking announcement, Deeper Travel has solely concentrated on domestic expansion within Japan. While the company has robustly launched a diverse range of cultural experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanazawa, and other Japan-based locations, this marks Deeper Travel’s first foray overseas.

Since its initial launch in 2018, Deeper Travel Co., Ltd. has operated "Deeper Japan" for inbound travelers to Japan and currently offers over 150 cultural experience products in various fields, such as traditional crafts, performing arts, culinary culture, music, martial arts, nature, and religion. With deep consideration for the strong intellectual curiosity and cultural sensitivity of inbound travelers, Deeper Japan consistently aims to create and offer experiential products in collaboration with local artisans and businesses.

As Eguchi explains, “By using the same practices and philosophy perfected in our Japanese offices, we strive to provide more guests worldwide with a greater range of cultural heritage experiences, as well as develop infrastructure that supports local artisans and industries in various different areas.”

Initial research and product development have already begun in several countries, with plans to officially open two locations during the summer of 2024. As Deeper Travel continues to expand services to areas with expected demand for engaging, authentic travel, the company remains equally committed to supporting the growing domestic inbound demand for offerings in Japan.


Deeper Japan is a service that allows visitors to Japan to seamlessly book traditional cultural experiences that are otherwise difficult to access. By carefully selecting high-quality cultural and immersive natural experiences, and directly collaborating with skilled craftsmen and artists at the forefront, Deeper Japan promotes mutual understanding between different cultures through travel and actively preserves tradition and diversity.

Focus is primarily given to small groups of travelers, providing an opportunity for deeper interaction between craftsmen and guests rather than large-scale, superficial experiences. Additionally, certified interpreter guides are employed to ensure interpretation in the guests' native languages whenever possible. Approximately 80 percent of Deeper Japan's clientele comprises independent travelers from Europe, the United States, and Australia.

Through partnerships with non-profit organizations, collaborations with NGOs, and alliances with local governments and tourist associations, Deeper Japan assists in supporting regional economic development and the conservation of cultural heritage.

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