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BforeAI Recognized Again in Latest Gartner® Emerging Tech Reports


BforeAI has been recognized in two late 2023 Gartner Emerging Tech reports – for Security and Automated Moving Target Defense Can Secure Cyber-Physical Systems

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, November 7, 2023 / -- BforeAI, a pioneer in predictive security, announced today that it has been recognized by Gartner® in two late 2023 Emerging Tech reports – including being named a Sample Vendor in Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security; and being listed as a “good example of AMTD” in Emerging Tech: Automated Moving Target Defense Can Secure Cyber-Physical Systems.

In our opinion, this inclusion, including previous mentions in five other Gartner reports, further validates our contribution to preemptive security measures and predictive technologies that address concerns about the limitations around securing cyber-physical systems (CPS) – including the practice of detection and response methods.

Within the Security report, Gartner states, “security leaders need to employ a proactive or offensive cyber defense focus to protect against evolving attack methods because detection and response focused security measures alone will not be able to keep pace.” Gartner goes on to discuss cyberfraud fusion, in which BforeAI is listed as a Sample Vendor. Here, Gartner explains “the continual back and forth that is waged between fraudsters and their targets [and that] controls have largely been reactive to fraud for many years, neglecting many of the more mature, holistic approaches that cybersecurity has followed.” Gartner concludes this by positing, “cyberfraud fusion [will allow for] quicker responses to emerging threats and a better ability to layer together several proactive controls, creating a defense in depth strategy.”

In the AMTD report, Gartner focuses most of its attention on the “specialization of what controls can be made available” with this “new set of technologies”. According to Gartner, “AMTD provides a more flexible, unintrusive and proactive approach to more traditional security strategies focused on detection and response. [And] unlike traditional approaches, AMTD offers a tailored architecture that offers the deployment of controls and processes that are set to contrast malicious actors’ activities…with the intent to hamper threat actors’ activities and the success rate of their attacks.” Gartner lists BforeAI as a “a good example of AMTD” due to “its predictive security technology based on behavior analysis [that] can dynamically contrast malicious actors’ activities through the delivery of alerts and the ingestion of predictive intelligence feeds into security controls [which Gartner says] can enable remediation to exposure before the execution of malicious campaigns.”

BforeAI currently offers proactive, prevention-focused digital risk protection services (DRPS) powered by predictive threat intelligence (based on behavioral AI). Its patented technology helps organizations identify fraudulent infrastructure, accurately predict malicious intent, and enable low-touch adversary disruption services and infrastructure takedowns.

“We’re delighted to be mentioned in two Gartner Emerging Tech reports,” said Luciano Allegro, BforeAI co-founder and CMO. “Being included in these reports underscores the importance of our mission: helping customers beat malicious campaigns with predictive security.” Allegro added, “At BforeAI, we’ve been working, sometimes around the clock, to ensure our AI and automation can not only proactively address online threats – but also reduce manual remediation efforts.”

If you are a Gartner subscriber, you can view the full reports by logging into your account and searching for the reports listed above.

If you want to learn more about BforeAI’s predictive intelligence and digital risk protection services, please contact us with any questions.

Sonia Awan
Outbloom Public Relations
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