Regulatory orders confirm transfers of natural-resource responsibilities between ministries to align with government priorities of reconciliation, resource stewardship and strong, sustainable economic development for people and communities.

Following the creation of the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship in April 2022, and in line with more recent updates to the focus of the ministry in December 2022, complete and/or sections of the following legislative acts are being transferred from the Ministry of Forests to the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship:

  • Water Sustainability Act
  • Land Act
  • Wildlife Act
  • 24 additional acts

These changes continue the reorganization initiated in 2022, which is advancing government’s goals of working in partnership with First Nations, responding to climate change, supporting sustainable economic development, and ensuring B.C. resources benefit local communities and people.

These changes will enable the Ministry of Forests to focus on transforming the forest sector and ensure British Columbians are supporting a resilient and sustainable land base and strengthening B.C.’s wildfire response and mitigation for the safety of the province and its people.