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FunnelStory Introduces AI-Powered Product Funnel Intelligence Platform for Revenue Teams

Raised $3M to Design and Engineer Platform; Customers Realizing Benefits Today

Our PLG motion produces thousands of signups. We use the FunnelStory Intelligence Platform to get a complete picture of our funnel and see how users are progressing or getting stuck.”
— Rishi Bhargava
SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 / -- FunnelStory, a provider of product analytics for Go-to-Market (GTM) teams, announces the launch of the AI-powered Product Funnel Intelligence Platform for Revenue Teams, transforming how these teams can prioritize leads and deals with the highest probability of winning.

FunnelStory ingests structured and unstructured customer activity data to develop revenue intelligence to:
• Enable sales teams to prioritize PoCs/trials/renewals that matter and introduce predictability in sales forecasts
• Enrich/prioritize leads for sales outreach and marketing retargeting campaigns.

In the last decade, Enterprise B2B sales have been transformed. According to research conducted by Trust Radius, more than 60% of all B2B tech buyers are now millennials, a generation that prefers engaging with sellers after research has been conducted. They have a bias to first-hand experience with products before making any purchase.

Still, revenue intelligence infrastructure in most B2B companies lacks product-based intent data, crucial for revenue teams. In a few cases where it does exist partially, it is often painfully excruciating, time-consuming engineering work that an organization requires to make it a reality.

Consequently, B2B firms struggle with wasted efforts on bad opportunities, incorrect sales forecasts, and missed engagement opportunities on customer activities.

“Most internal systems are designed by engineering teams for their own needs and requirements, rendering them useless from day 1 for sales and marketing teams,” says Alok Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO of FunnelStory. “We started FunnelStory to deliver revenue teams the exact product revenue intelligence they need. In fact, most of our customers are able to set up their data sources and extract value in less than 45 minutes.”

How FunnelStory solves this intent problem

Customer Activity Model: With a powerful data ingestion platform and proprietary data models, a revenue team can connect product data sources and gain sales focused account visibility in less than 45 minutes. Optionally, FunnelStory can directly connect with product databases/data warehouses and conversation apps directly, eliminating the need of expensive plumbing through reverse ETL/CDP tools

Product Funnel Intelligence: FunnelStory enables a sales executive to track how accounts progress through the trial/PoC/adoption funnel, allowing the identification of risks and opportunities in real time. This information is delivered to a company's CRM for a sales team to focus on these leads.

Data Activation: With FunnelStory, a marketing team can build audiences based on product funnel data. The marketing team can create automated lifecycle nudges, build retargeting campaigns, and enrich the CRM to achieve customer adoption, engagement, and retention.

"Our PLG (Product-Led Growth) motion produces thousands of signups," shares Rishi Bhargava, Co-founder of Descope. "We use the FunnelStory Intelligence Platform to get a complete picture of our funnel and see how users are progressing or getting stuck. This way we can prioritize the top opportunities and optimize our customer journeys."

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About FunnelStory
FunnelStory is a Funnel Intelligence Platform that empowers go-to-market (GTM) teams to leverage product and conversational data for revenue growth. With a focus on providing revenue visibility and intelligence for sales, success, growth, and marketing teams, FunnelStory simplifies data consumption and makes it accessible and actionable across the entire GTM function.

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