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PBS KIDS Wild Kratts Imprint Coloring Book

Wild Kratts Imprint Coloring Book PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS Odd Squad Imprint Coloring Book

Odd Squad Imprint Coloring Book PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train Imprint Coloring Book

Dinosaur Train Imprint Coloring Book PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS® Berenstain Bears Imprint Coloring Book

Berenstain Bears Imprint Coloring Book PBS KIDS®

Imprint Coloring Books are pre-printed books upon which a business or PBS Station Affiliate Imprints their information on front and back covers of the book.

Publishing Coloring Books is not just about paper, ink, kids, crayons and families. It's about creating a colorful life long relationship between authors, publishers and children.”
— N. Wayne Bell
ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, September 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- St. Louis-based publisher Really Big Coloring Books | ColoringBook.com is introducing a range of books and other coloring products based on a variety of properties from PBS Kids’ broadcast schedule. PBS KIDS Characters Coloring Program currently includes and is growing: Arthur™, Dinosaur Train™, Elinor Wonders Why™, Odd Squad™, The Berenstain Bears®, Wild Kratts®, Alma’s Way®, Sid the Science Kid®. Imprint, Custom and Retail versions of Coloring Products, place-mats, greeting cards, giant cards, books, place-mats and much more.

The deal was negotiated with KIDS Licensing, the PBS Kids unit that represents the network’s portfolio of shows on behalf of the creators and rights holders. It is an exciting fun time for Really Big Coloring Books, which has worked with licensed properties in the past, but mostly as a custom publisher rather than as a licensee.

The program will begin with books tied to six shows: Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Arthur, The Berenstain Bears, and Elinor Wonders Why. Several factors played into the choice of which shows to start with. “I watched a lot of cartoons, and looked at the data, and considered the value, both monetary and educational,” said Wayne Bell, publisher, founder, and CEO of Really Big Coloring Books. The first books were available online around the Fourth of July, and printed books shipping to retailers in September. Several other PBS KIDS properties have been secured for future introductions.

The Imprint Coloring Products are an existing coloring book product with completed drawings, upon which a business or PBS Station Affiliate Imprints their desired company information on predesignated areas of the book or product. Often used as give-a-ways during an event or promotion. Custom Coloring Books are a book all about your company on every single page; it’s all about the business or station, cover to cover, every page. All books are for promotion or resale dependent upon the organizations goals. The Retail Coloring Book line is the existing retail ready book with bar codes, ISBN information to sell in any retail, wholesale or online venue. Books are purchased by the businesses at a wholesale price, then resold at a retail price.

Really Big Coloring Books is introducing all kinds of coloring products for the program, including books featuring story-lines as well as images to color, books with stickers, posters, pads, sheets, and place-mats. They also offer customizable products for individual PBS stations around the country. Some titles will have QR codes that link to value-added content, such as introductory remarks by the property’s author or creator.

The company has displays available for retailers, with the option to cross-merchandise the books with Crayola® crayons, for which it serves as an independent distributor. Bell believes the program will end up in more than 60,000 retail outlets over the next three years. “I told [KIDS Licensing] that we want the books in every city and every county and every state, and that’s just our first stop,” Bell said. An added note, the PBS KIDS® Properties that star in Coloring Books - All Copyright and Trademark Rights are Reserved by their Respective Owners.

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