LSV Communications Launches Affordable Animation Service

screen capture of animation title: HR onboarding

Affordable animation is ideal for onboarding.

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Affordable animation captures target audience attention.

Affordable animation aligns with primary learning method

Creatively produced animation captivates audiences with visually stimulating experiences...”
— Bruce Goldfaden

HOUSTON , TX, USA, September 27, 2023 / -- LSV Communications announces today the launch of its affordable animation service to increase messaging retention from a deep target audience connection. Affordable animation combines motion, colors, graphics, and sound to align with the primary learning method. According to data referenced by the National Institutes of Health [NIH], “65% of the population [are] visual learners” who prefer to learn from what they see versus nonvisual learners who prefer a listening, reading, or hands-on method.

“Visual learners learn by visual reinforcement…,” according to the NIH-cited research. Marketers can include images that capture and reinforce viewer interest while prompting an immediate emotional response. Animation transcends language barriers compared with written or spoken words only.

“Creatively produced animation captivates audiences with visually stimulating experiences to neutralize the boredom and bounce factors common with traditional marketing content, such as brochures and website copy,” said Bruce Goldfaden of LSV Communications.

Affordable animation transforms the most intricate procedures into simple, engaging information, explaining complex operations, data, and workflows. The same is true for team communications and training. Internal teams also want dynamic information that can be reviewed quickly and recalled. A picture is worth a thousand words because the brain processes images considerably faster than text.

Affordable animation, which is cost-effective, can be repurposed for the required channels, including social media, websites, digital adverts, email newsletters, trade shows, and presentations. Animated scenes and characters form a lasting impression to strengthen brand recall.

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LSV Communications, founded in 2016, is a digital marketing agency structured on the principle of value proposition messaging to differentiate a company from competitors. The agency’s TargetMarketFIRST™ 21st-century business model creates this messaging with a signature style of short, conversational sentences and paragraphs. Energetic website design and content, affordable animation, imaginative video production, voiceovers, artificial intelligence video storytelling, and graphic design round out the agency’s services. This communications expertise increases content engagement and creates an emotional attachment to the brand.

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