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Beppe Gianoglio receives the "La Bella Macchina Award" from Concorso Italiano at Festivalcar

The nomination, with the consequent assignment of the "La Bella Macchina Award", was officialized on August 19th at Concorso in Seaside (CA)

I am honored to receive this award, and above all I am very pleased that through my work I can convey my great passion for this sector.”
— Beppe Gianoglio

REVIGLIASCO, TURIN, ITALIA, September 26, 2023 / -- Beppe Gianoglio, organizer for 40 years of Automotoretrò, entered the Hall of Fame of Concorso Italiano.

The nomination, with the consequent assignment of the La Bella Macchina Award, was officialized on August 19th at Concorso in Seaside (CA), where Gianoglio could not attend for personal reasons.

The opportunity for the hand over was offered by Festivalcar, the concours d’elegance organized by the car webzine Autoappassionati, which this year brought together a hundred cars and a large crowd of collectors and enthusiasts. Raffaello Porro, Italian ambassador of Concorso Italiano, presented the award to Beppe Gianoglio at the opening of the prize ceremony, together with the director of Autoappassionati Federico Ferrero.

This is the motivation of the award: "Since 1983 Automoretrò offers a selection of the best jewels of the past two and four wheels, promoting private collecting, the trade of cars, spare parts and memorabilia and the spread of motor culture. The event has gained over 1,200 exhibitors and more than 73,000 visitors yearly, from all over Europe, with a consolidated presence from France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Austria and Holland. The intention of the organizers has always been to share their passion with the large public, encouraging private collecting and the spread of motor culture. Motivated by the desire to create a platform that would ignite in others the same enthusiasm for vintage cars, Gianoglio founded "Automotoretrò" in Turin.

The event was born on a modest scale, but under his visionary guidance it has grown steadily year after year. With his attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality, he curated an exhibition that showcased the best collections of vintage cars, capturing the essence of Italy’s rich automotive heritage. "Automotoretrò" has become a time capsule that has transported visitors to a bygone era, where craftsmanship and mastery reigned supreme. Beyond the exhibition itself, Beppe Gianoglio recognized the importance of promoting knowledge and understanding among participants. he gave birth to educational workshops, roundtables and seminars, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to share their skills and insights."

Gianoglio: "I am honored to receive this award, and above all I am very pleased that through my work I can convey my great passion for this sector. In 40 years Automotoretrò has grown a lot, it has admirers all over the world and this recognition spurs me to do even better the next edition, scheduled from 8 to 11 February 2024 at the Fiera di Parma".

Raffaello Porro: "I have known and esteemed Federico Ferrero since he launched his website Autoappassionati in 2007. I was sure that Festivalcar would have been the right opportunity to recover the missed delivery of the award to Beppe Gianoglio and I am grateful to Federico on behalf of Concorso Italiano for giving me this opportunity. Gianoglio deserved a public of cars and collectors in his Turin that saw him grow Automotoretrò year after year."

Concorso Italiano
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