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No need for panic, WaveBlock Inventor Says When Utilizing Company’s Patented Radiation Reducing Technology

No need for panic, bans and recalls,” Salem says, “WaveBlock’s multiple FFC accredited lab results have shown our technology provides a triple layer protection that repels harmful radiation rays.”
— Ben Salem, Inventor and CEO WaveBlock
SANTA ANA, CA, US, September 25, 2023 / -- The forward and entrepreneurial team of experts at WAVEBLOCK™, a company that brought its radiation emission technology to market three years ago, reacted to the sales ban of the iPhone 12 by the junior minister of Digital Transition and Communications, Jean-Noell Barrot, last week, by reaching out to Barrot’s office and that of the National Bureau of Economic Research to introduce WaveBlock’s effective technology, which staves off potential harmful radiation emissions for not only smartphones, but all electronic devices used by the general public, according to Ben Salem, WaveBlock inventor and CEO.

In a Reuters story, picked up last week by many media outlets, including Forbes, Yahoo, USA Today, reports signaled that Apple’s iPhone 15 may also be in danger of a sales ban. Barrot reportedly gave the smartphone manufacturing giant two weeks to update its technology or to respond to the ban. Indications are that all smartphone and electronic device manufacturers may also face similar consequences without adequate technological remedies in place.

Barrot’s office had received word from The Agence Nationale des Frequences (ANFB), a watchdog group that tagged the smartphone because of its high Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) which indicated that its measure of the rate of radio-frequency energy absorbed by the body from a piece of equipment as higher than legally allowed. His agency found that the SAR (The Specific Absorption Rate) was exceeded beyond the acceptable threshold.

These findings have also been referred to two other European countries.

Minister Jean-Noel Barrot, reported that his agency’s critical data would be shared with regulators in other EU member states, which “could have a snowball effect,” one of which is the potential ban on the new iPhone 15 due to newly released information on the possible deleterious effects of its potential radiation levels emitted from its upgraded device. If the problem is not addressed in a timely fashion, it could also spark a recall of phones already in use, the junior minister office asserted.

As a result, some in the electronic device manufacturing sector have reached out to WaveBlock and confidential discussions are now underway.

“There is no need for panic and subsequent bans and recalls,” Salem explains, “WaveBlock’s multiple FFC accredited lab results, conducted by the most credible and prestigious labs in the world, have proved that our revolutionary product staves off radiation.” Salem states, “Our technology provides a triple layer protection technology that repels harmful radiation rays.” Salem went on to point that they plan to expand their market to both Canada and the U.K. within the next year.

Salem has issued a standing offer to meet with Barrot.

“While there have been others in this tech space who allege they have similar products like that of WaveBlock to correct the problem that the Minister’s office has described, we have come to learn, through our studies, testing, and lab results, that many of them are likely ineligible to make such claims.”

“A three-layer technology is at the core of WaveBlock’s ingenuity ensuring that people using earbuds will have the quality and performance characteristics to accommodate the needs of any user - from the studious to the chronic cell phone talker—the gamer—and extreme sports participant,” Salem confidently asserts.

Although there has been a plethora of products entering the tech space for cellphones and laptop protection, none has addressed the explosive use of earbuds.

Since the launch three years ago of WaveBlock’s patented, proprietary product, designed to protect users from potentially harmful EMF radiation waves that have been shown to penetrate through the brain, WaveBlock has continued to test and retest its product--in various labs, including one of the largest in the world, TUVSUD, “We have consistent findings that indicate our WaveBlock technology works and does so remarkably,” states Salem. “We continue to report our findings with full-disclosure and transparency.”

“A three-layer technology is at the core of WaveBlock’s ingenuity, ensuring that people using earbuds will have the quality and performance characteristics to accommodate the needs of any user - from the studious to the chronic cell phone talker—the gamer—and extreme sports participant, Salem confidently asserts.

The brand’s inventor was inspired with the idea for this product as they watched his children using all types of electronic devices. Aware of the measured radiation waves emitted from cellphones and that children are more susceptible to a deeper penetration of rays because their skulls are thinner, Salem’s team set out to test earbuds for EMF radiation levels. To their surprise, they found that they, too, emit radiation. With so many doctors suggesting not placing phones to the ear, and nurseries or kindergartens limiting the use of Wi-Fi, they decided it was time to create a product that would help the “Bluetooth” generation! Since then, WaveBlock™ has been recognized by many in the tech and medical field, including Dr. Lisa Cook, a prominent neurologist. “We are currently in talks with several school districts to use WaveBlock,” Salem says.

“We hope to get all parties to the table,” Salem stresses, “We know time is of the essence and any other bans or recalls could prove to be a financial disaster to many much-needed smart device manufacturers as well as the public worldwide. We believe that doesn’t have to be the case.”

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