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New Analysis Reveals the Importance of Sleep Hygiene for Sleep Quality

SleepScore Labs

CARLSBAD, CA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023 / -- For those who struggle with sleep, bedtime (and daytime) sleep-related habits – also known as sleep hygiene – might be the key. Surprisingly, despite the widespread recommendations of sleep hygiene, few studies have examined whether optimal sleep hygiene practices actually impact objectively measured sleep.

In an analysis titled "Sleep Hygiene for Sleep Health in the General Population: What Does Data From Consumer Sleep Technology Tell Us?", SleepScore researchers shed light on the importance of sleep hygiene habits for achieving better sleep. The research was presented at SLEEP 2023 in Indianapolis, IN, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.

Key Findings:
Consistency is Key: The most commonly frequented poor sleep hygiene practices were inconsistent bedtimes (29.7%), overthinking or worrying in bed (24.0%), and inconsistent wake-up times (22.7%).

Quality + Quantity Suffers from Poor Sleep Hygiene: Poor sleep habits were linked to significant reductions in total sleep time, REM sleep duration, and SleepScore, an aggregate objective sleep quality measure.

It's the Sum of Its Parts: While no single sleep habit stood out as the main culprit, the combination of poor habits was found to negatively impact sleep.

About the Analysis:
Researchers analyzed responses from a survey on sleep hygiene habits, combined with objective sleep data from 720 participants. This data spanned across 92,808 nights and was sourced from the PSG-validated SleepScore Mobile Application. This app uses a unique, non-contact sonar method to capture objective sleep metrics and lifestyle reports. Elie Gottlieb PhD, lead author on the paper said “Accurate, longitudinal sleep data measured in the naturalistic at-home environment enables us to find new insights around population sleep health.”

What Does This Mean for You?
Those looking to improve their sleep, it might be time to reevaluate their bedtime (and daytime) routines and habits. While one-off behaviors might not drastically impact sleep, a combination of poor habits can. Indeed, as stated by the researchers, sleep health may not be defined by one single behavior, but rather by the sum of its parts.

Looking Ahead:
The analysis suggests that personalized sleep hygiene factors could be beneficial for some people. Colin Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer of SleepScore Labs said ‘Our mission is to help millions of people to improve their sleep and that task can only be achieved with a highly personal approach’.

For more insights and to understand how your sleep habits might be affecting your sleep quality, check out the full analysis abstract here:

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