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Disrupt-X and ENVIRO Group Asia Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Smart Building Solutions in the APAC Region

Disrupt-X and ENVIRO Group Asia Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Smart Building Solutions in the Region

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 18, 2023/ -- ENVIRO Group Asia, a leading provider of innovative building environmental solutions, has entered into a strategic business collaboration with Disrupt-X, a leading developer and provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions platform, to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the regional markets of IoT and Smart Building Facilities and Engineering solutions.

The partnership aims to combine the expertise and resources of both companies to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge smart building technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. By leveraging Disrupt-X's advanced IoT platform solutions and ENVIRO Group Asia's extensive experience in environmental engineering initiatives, the collaboration seeks to create sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions that align with the region's escalating government efforts towards reducing energy consumption.

The Smart Building Market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, surpassing USD 85 billion in 2022. With a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 20% from 2023 to 2032, the market holds immense potential for both established and emerging players. With growth potential of USD 500 Billion by 2032, this segment of business will place ENVIRO Group as a pioneer in this area of growth.

Regulatory authorities globally have also been introducing stringent norms and incentives to encourage building owners & managers to invest in smart building technology, thus favoring the market growth. For instance, in October 2022, the European Council agreed on a recommendation to modify the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to make sure that all buildings are energy efficient. The directive mandates that all new buildings need to be zero-emission facilities by 2030, and existing establishments are required to be transformed into zero-emission buildings by 2050.

Various factors that drove ENVIRO Group to venture into this segment of business says Nitesh Malani, Group Chief Executive. Growing loT and Al integration in building solutions, Government initiatives to reduce energy consumption, Increasing investment in smart city projects, Increasing focus on occupant comfort and safety and Rising interest to achieve sustainable goals are a few to further explore potential with existing key clients within the region.
"As the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable building solutions continues to rise, we are thrilled to partner with Disrupt-X to bring cutting-edge IoT and smart building technologies to the forefront of the regional market," said Mr. Nitesh Malani, CEO of ENVIRO Group Asia. "This collaboration will enable us to collectively address the pressing challenges of energy consumption and foster greener, smarter cities."

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the need for smart, intuitive systems. As social distancing became a norm, technologies such as visitor management systems, which were earlier considered non- essential, became increasingly important to manage visitors' flow across buildings. While several companies struggled to make it through the crisis with limited investments. However, the ones that invested in these technologies witnessed the widespread potential of smart building software integration.

Mr. Asim Sajwani, CEO of Disrupt-X, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "In today's ever-evolving digital era, smart building solutions are no longer an option, but a necessity. Partnering with ENVIRO Group Asia reinforces our shared vision of integrating cutting-edge IoT technologies into building solutions, promoting efficiency and sustainability across the region.”

The collaboration comes at a time when governments across both developed and developing economies are taking active steps to promote the adoption of energy-efficient building solutions. Through this partnership, ENVIRO GROUP Asia and Disrupt-X aim to be at the forefront of driving this transformational change.

About ENVIRO Group Asia:
ENVIRO Group Asia is a leading environmental solutions provider with a track record of delivering innovative and sustainable initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. With a strong commitment to creating a cleaner and greener environment, the company focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies that positively impact industries and communities.

About Disrupt-X:
Disrupt-X, a Dubai-based company providing a full stack of end-to-end IoT platform solutions that is hardware & communications agnostic using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web/Mobile App. Development, and Big Data. With over 55 ready use-cases on their marketplace, Disrupt-X plans to extend their portfolio to up to 80+ ready use-cases by the end of this year. The Disrupt-X platform offers full-stacked solutions which can be scaled from a single asset level to city level. The platform can be hosted in the Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid. Disrupt-X delivers fully integrated end-to-end solutions, including Mobile Applications. The Disrupt-X IoT Platform enables public operators, businesses, and enterprises to oversee all integrated use-cases under one platform.

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