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THINGS OF LITTLE CONSEQUENCE: A Poetic Exploration of The Metaphysical, by John Casey

Things of Little Consequence book cover by John Casey

Things of Little Consequence by John Casey

Raw Thoughts and Meridian, two poetry books by author John Casey

Raw Thoughts and Meridian, by John Casey

John Casey, Author

John Casey, Author

An Evocative and Philosophical Complement to Casey's Raw Thoughts Series

Casey’s masterful compositions engage the soul, leaving a lasting impact that lingers far beyond the final pages”
— THOMAS ANDERSON, Editor-In-Chief, Literary Titan
SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023/ -- For many, it somehow becomes easier to adhere to the mystical, to the cryptic and the Kafkaesque when confronted with a thousand disparate pieces of life because we sense it would be impossible to comprehend the grand sum of it all, or how those pieces even interconnect. Consequently, we feel we cannot come to understand the individual parts. John Casey’s poetic philosophy of Things suggests that we can. That life is much simpler than most perceive. The human condition is not so confusing as it seems.

NOT AN ARCHETYPAL 'POETRY COLLECTION’: John Casey’s vision for his poetic debut 'Raw Thoughts' was to create something that redefined the concept of a poetry book. A book that can be found in the ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ section of a library or bookstore. Within, each poem is symbiotically paired with a full-page photograph. Each poem-photo pairing is a ‘raw thought,’ and together, the whole of the book is much greater than the sum of its individual parts. With 'Meridian,' Casey took this concept one step further, and with 'Things of Little Consequence,' he does so again. Though there is no photography in Things, he infused the same Zen principles and underlying themes of emotive understanding and critical thought within. What makes Things different than the Raw Thoughts Series, and perhaps makes it better in some ways (for some), is its heavy emphasis on positive outcomes, simplicity, and serenity via a metaphysical questioning of the accuracy of reality.

"John Casey has written something of worth beyond its appeal to poetry lovers. In reflectively probing what it means to be human, Things of Little Consequence both realizes and transcends a work of exceptional art. FIVE STARS." – CONSTANCE STADLER, READERS' FAVORITE

"By encouraging readers to embrace the interconnectedness of life and the coherence amidst seemingly intricate circumstances, Casey challenges conventional perspectives. For those seeking a book that ignites both the intellect and the heart, Things of Little Consequence is undoubtedly a must-read. Casey’s masterful compositions engage the soul, leaving a lasting impact that lingers far beyond the final pages. FIVE STARS." – THOMAS ANDERSON, LITERARY TITAN

John Casey is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and novelist from New Hampshire. He is the author of Raw Thoughts: a Mindful Fusion of Poetic and Photographic Art, which garnered nominations for the National Book Award and Griffin Poetry Prize. The sequel, Meridian: A Raw Thoughts Book, was released in 2021. His first novel, Devolution, was released in 2019 and is book one of The Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series. Evolution was released 2021, Revelation in 2022. He is also the co-author of The Barn: A Mystery Novella. Casey’s poetry has appeared internationally in numerous literary journals and magazines.

Things of Little Consequence will be released 1 October 2023 in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook, and all other eBook formats worldwide.


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