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Medesun Medical Coding Wins WTITC Education Excellence Award in Singapore

Medical coding excellence award

MEDESUN Medical Coding Award

"WTITC in Singapore spotlight shone brightly on Dr. M Santosh Kumar Guptha, CEO of Medesun Medical Coding Academy.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 17, 2023/ -- "WTITC in Singapore gathered visionary IT leaders, esteemed dignitaries, and trailblazing innovators on August 5th, 2023. The spotlight shone brightly on Dr. M Santosh Kumar Guptha, CEO of Medesun Medical Coding Academy, heralded for his unparalleled contributions to the realm of Medical Coding education. His central role and exceptional achievements in Medical Coding and Health Information Management were celebrated with admiration.

The event, graced by luminaries including IT leaders from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Principal Secretary for Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C), Jayesh Ranjan, His Highness from Oman, Dr Mu Abdullah, Andhra Pradesh IT minister, and TITA's Chairman Sandeep Makthala, underscored the significance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in propelling progress. This gathering illuminated the path to advancing knowledge in unison.

MEDESUN proudly adorned the Education Excellence crown at the prestigious Awards-2023. The World Telugu Information Technology Council (WTITC) is an altruistic organization established to unite the diverse facets of the Information Technology landscape in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Our mission revolves around uniting students, IT professionals, educational institutions, IT service providers, corporate giants, IT departments, investors, industries, and all players in the IT sector. Founded in 2023, WTITC is committed to nurturing a robust IT ecosystem, fostering innovation, fostering growth, and generating employment opportunities within these two states."

WTITC was a global event that fostered opportunities for collaboration and networking. The conference served as a one-of-a-kind platform for the Telugu IT community to connect and exchange ideas. It was anticipated to attract technocrats from over 100 nations, creating a dynamic atmosphere of innovation and knowledge sharing.


Medesun Medical Coding Academy achieved numerous remarkable accomplishments and received several prestigious awards that recognized its dedication to excellence in the field of medical coding and education. Some of the notable achievements and awards include:

Education Excellence Awards: Medesun was honored with multiple Education Excellence Awards for its outstanding contributions to medical coding education. These awards showcased the academy's commitment to providing top-notch training and knowledge in the healthcare industry.

Industry Recognition: Medesun gained widespread recognition within the medical coding and health information management domain for its innovative approach to education, its comprehensive curriculum, and its role in producing skilled professionals in the field.

Global Impact: The academy made a significant global impact by training and empowering individuals from various countries, contributing to the standardization and enhancement of medical coding practices worldwide.

Outstanding Educators: Medesun's educators and trainers were acknowledged as experts in their field, and their dedication to shaping skilled medical coding professionals was acknowledged through various awards and acknowledgments.

Innovative Teaching Methods: The academy was recognized for its innovative teaching methods, which combined traditional classroom learning with cutting-edge technology, simulations, and real-world case studies.

Student Success Stories: The academy celebrated the achievements of its students who secured lucrative job placements in prestigious healthcare institutions, underscoring the quality of education provided.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Medesun was applauded for its partnerships with healthcare organizations, industry associations, and universities that aimed to bridge the gap between education and industry needs.

Medesun, a distinguished organization, proudly partners with the Professional Medical Billers Association USA ( as its Master Learning Partner. Together, they offer the coveted CPMB credential, Certified Professional Medical Biller, designed specifically for professionals in the field of medical billing. The demand for CPMB Medical Billers continues to surge within the Medical Coding and Billing domain.

In addition, Medesun also facilitates the CHIM certification, Certified Health Information Management Professional, tailored for non-life science graduates who are gearing up for the ICD-11 Coding system and Health Information Management. CHIM-Certified professionals are highly sought after not only in India but also across the globe for their expertise in Health Information Management. Leadership: The academy's founders and leaders were invited to speak at industry conferences, seminars, and workshops, establishing Medesun as a thought leader in medical coding education.

Continuous Improvement: Medesun demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, evidenced by its consistent updates to the curriculum to align with industry advancements and changes.

Alumni Success: The achievements of Medesun's alumni in various roles within the healthcare sector further highlighted the academy's impact on the industry. is official website.

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