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Online Searches For Mobility Scooters Surge By 75% From 2020 To 2022, With A 6% Increase In 2023

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Choosing a mobility aid that increases your independence is important

Online searches for mobility scooters have witnessed a remarkable 75% surge from 2020 to 2022, with a further 6% increase in 2023 already

UNITED KINGDOM , September 18, 2023/ -- With the current mobility devices market in the UK valued at over £570 million and an estimated 24% of the UK population identifying as disabled It's no surprise that according to Google Trends, online searches for mobility scooters have witnessed a remarkable 75% surge from 2020 to 2022, with a further 6% increase in 2023 already. This increase is indicative of a growing interest in mobility solutions as well as the uptick in online stockists providing cheaper options and home delivery.

These findings demonstrate that the demand for mobility scooters is on a steady rise, one that peaks around the summer months when people are planning their annual holiday.

While the convenience and affordability of online shopping may be tempting, it's important to note that what may initially seem like cost savings can have negative repercussions on one's health and mobility in the long run. Mobility issues and disabilities vary greatly among individuals, necessitating tailored solutions that take into account lifestyle, living environment, level of independent movement, and available support.

One common mistake reputable mobility aid suppliers are finding is the increase in customers who have purchased a “lightweight”, foldable scooter online and finding them not fit for purpose. These scooters can weigh as much as 25 kilograms, making them impossible for some individuals to use independently. This often results in having to make a second purchase after realising that the online-bought item isn't suitable or costly adjustments being made to cars to accommodate them.

Choosing to buy from a reputable supplier offers access to expert assessors and rehabilitation engineers who can provide personalised recommendations. Without proper assessment, individuals may miss out on the opportunity to acquire more specialised equipment that could significantly enhance their comfort and quality of life – something that cannot be obtained through online purchases alone.

It's important for consumers to consider the questions that experts would ask, such as whether a fold-down scooter is truly necessary or if a power chair could better increase their independence. Reputable suppliers often offer confidence-boosting "test drives" to help users get accustomed to the equipment before taking it home, ensuring a significant purchase isn’t left unused.

Martin Pain, Retail Manager for Wheel Freedom says “We absolutely understand the temptation for people to buy their mobility aids online, the potential savings as well as the convenience of having your purchase delivered to you can feel like an easy win. However, we have seen an increase in customers coming in with power chairs and scooters that don’t fit their lifestyles or needs and then have to buy twice or seek help to correct problems ill fitting equipment can cause. We always recommend you go to a reputable showroom to properly discuss your needs with trained staff and leave with something that increases your independence, not hinder it”.

In light of these trends and considerations, consumers are encouraged to prioritise their long-term well-being and mobility by seeking professional guidance from reputable suppliers and making informed decisions tailored to their unique needs.

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Strategy Plus
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