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Apace AI-Assisted Cloud Channels Media Portal Manages Enterprises' Fragmented Data Silos Anywhere

Keeping institutional memory alive through unifying collaborative view to enterprise's data at edge and cloud

ORANGE, CA., USA, September 15, 2023/ -- Apace, an innovative provider of media workflow and cloud services, is revolutionizing enterprise data management with its latest AI-assisted Cloud Channels services for fragmented data. This unique solution aims to transform the way enterprises preserve and access their valuable media assets through a single, unified cloud access point for all data silos, ensuring controlled and secure access.

Enterprise media, including video meetings, sales/marketing materials, board meetings, webinars, training sessions, accounting records, support and services documentation, and field-captured mobile media, is now easily accessible through a single, user-friendly interface. This accessibility enhances engagement among employees, customers, and facilitates the retrieval of past technical support sessions.

The platform seamlessly manages hybrid cloud and edge storage across different locations, providing users with the flexibility to access the original data when necessary. Users can add and remove data as needed while ensuring protection against ransomware and hacking threats.

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Apace's service also offers optimization of tiered cloud storage to reduce the cost of media storage, typically the largest expense. This can result in up to 90% savings in cloud expenses while ensuring frame-accurate access to video media. Additionally, Apace Cloud Channels provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including fast script searches, quick access to original content at specific timecodes, facial recognition search, digital object annotations, and more for collaboration and communication.

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Apace's Cloud Channels, coupled with its AI-driven cataloging of video, audio, and image data, streamlines media collaboration and ensures effective utilization at scale. Your institutional memory becomes a valuable asset, always available for your business to drive productivity and innovation.

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