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Linda Wilson of Loving Life’s Journey to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/ -- In today’s world of constant change, we seem to be facing one terrible crisis after another. From a global pandemic, natural disasters, economic upheaval, along with our own personal traumas, it leaves us feeling shaken, depressed, and filled with conflicting emotions that can take a major toll on our health and well- being. How can we live with joy when we are dealing with so many issues? While there’s no way to prevent adversities and challenges, the great news is there are ways to handle harrowing situations and better adapt to life’s changes so we can bounce back from adversity.

Linda Wilson is a highly sought after keynote speaker, coach, Influence Cialdini Certified Professional and owner of Loving Life’s Journey.

Through her role as a coach Linda helps empower each one of us to live fully so we can achieve our personal best and become better versions of ourselves. We begin to see ourselves more clearly which is essential for our overall growth even in unfavorable circumstances. We begin a transformative process of exploring and aligning with our true values and what brings us happiness and fulfillment.

Clients all over the world are benefitting from Linda’s informative webinars and her Peak Performance mastermind program where she chats openly advising us to build more confidence and passionately live our life’s purpose. Linda works with the scientifically proven principles of ethical influence that help us grow both mentally and physically so we achieve our desires and dreams. With her non- judgmental personality, Linda offers us a journey to wholeness.

Linda candidly opens up about her own life struggles and healing journey like her battle with depression, the time she underwent three open heart surgeries, and finally the devastating loss of her brother, husband, sister-in-law, father, and father-in-law all within the span of four years. Although the grief was profound Linda eventually decided she didn’t want to doom herself to a life of despair. She encourages us all to also choose not to suffer by learning the art of being happy despite our circumstances, which Linda says should be our most powerful objective.

In fact, Linda's experiences exemplify the importance of having resilience meaning the ability to bounce back and embrace our humanity. Her coaching also emphasizes our fundamental right to be valued and appreciated. She guides us in navigating challenges and transitions to become more self-confident and discover what truly matters and blossom into our natural and authentic selves.

Linda also emphasizes how essential it is to raise our vibration and have gratitude for the life we have now.

Working with Linda, we will discover that analyzing ourselves is a self -affirming, thought provoking journey. While we start to live in the here and now, with more enlightened self -awareness, and seek deeper meaning.

By choosing to transition to growth rather than stay stuck in melancholy, we can reflect and cultivate deeper feelings of self-worth so we look towards the future with optimism and hope.

Close Up Radio will feature Linda Wilson in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday September 14th at 12pm EST

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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