Spaceport Launches Threadless Apparel on Roblox

Spaceport Launches Threadless Apparel on Roblox

Spaceport Launches Threadless Apparel on Roblox

Thousands of real-life Threadless designs are now available in the Metaverse across all Roblox experiences

Partnering with Spaceport enabled us to quickly bring our artists’ designs to millions of Roblox players, and to further expand the reach of their work in a meaningful way through this new platform.”
— Jake Nickell, Founder and CEO of Threadless
BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 7, 2023/ -- Spaceport, the premier universal IP licensing platform, today announces the launch of Threadless t-shirts and apparel on the Roblox Marketplace. This launch opens new opportunities for both Threadless and Roblox users – enhancing immersive 3D experience with physical fashion options and providing significant exposure for Threadless and the community of talented artists behind the designs.

With over 20 years in e-commerce, Threadless has partnered with hundreds of thousands of artists, promoting their independent art on apparel, wall art, accessories and more to millions of fans around the world. Through the collaboration, Spaceport has integrated hundreds of real-life clothing designs from Threadless artists on the Roblox Marketplace as one of the largest branded collections on the platform.

“It's so exciting to see artwork by the Threadless artist community embraced and celebrated within Roblox,” said Jake Nickell, Founder and CEO of Threadless. “Partnering with Spaceport has enabled us to quickly bring our artists’ designs to millions of Roblox players, and to further expand the reach of their work in a meaningful way through this new platform.”

Roblox offers an immersive global platform where 66 million users connect and communicate daily. Connecting users through millions of shared virtual experiences, such as hangouts and spaces for gameplay, the platform allows brands to bring their experience to millions of people anywhere in the world. Roblox is also a place for self-expression – with over half of Gen-Zers changing their avatar’s clothing at least once a week (Roblox), and 20 percent of users changing clothing daily (Vogue Business). The option to wear branded virtual clothing provides a new way for users to reflect their real-world aesthetic within the metaverse.

“This deal offers Threadless artists a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and reach new audiences,” said Peter Betts, Founder of Established Licensing. “While traditionally only the most prominent brands could afford the resources to execute these integrations, Spaceport levels the playing field for creators and brands of all sizes.”

Threadless’s venture into Roblox and the metaverse leverages Spaceport’s blockchain-backed smart licensing protocol that can rapidly integrate thousands of Threadless's iconic designs into any virtual or physical marketplace. With the ability to activate IP assets at over 10x the scale of other platforms, all while maintaining an incredibly cost-effective approach, Spaceport’s smart licensing protocol is continuing to curate and roll out a catalog of over 35,000 assets in what is the largest physical-to-digital bridge of buyable retail assets ever made.

"Spaceport was created to redefine the way brands bring their intellectual property to life in both the physical world and the metaverse, and to do so with a platform that seamlessly, cost-efficiently, and rapidly takes brands to market,” said Le Zhang, Founder and CEO of Spaceport. “Our integration of Threadless’s IP into millions of Roblox experiences is yet another step towards bridging the gap between physical and digital intellectual property."

The Threadless-branded digital apparel is available for purchase on the Roblox Marketplace and can be used in every Roblox experience. Roblox community members can now discover real-life Threadless designs and adorn their avatars with unique art from the Threadless community. The Threadless-branded digital shirts and hats are available to be obtained using Roblox currency, Robux. Royalties from Roblox purchases will be exchanged from Robux and paid out in US dollars to Threadless artists.

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About Threadless
Founded in 2000, Threadless is an e-commerce company and global online community of artists and those who support them. The Threadless Artist Shops platform makes selling art online easier, allowing individuals and companies to create their own custom-branded online store, sell their best designs in the Threadless Marketplace, and have opportunities to sell in offline retail stores.

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