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icause and CheapBills have joined forces to tackle the cost of living crisis one electricity bill at a time


If you are struggling with supporter fatigue or your donors have reached their budget for charitable donations, icause is the solution.”
— Muhammad Khurram Haider

MELBORNCE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, September 8, 2023/ -- 2023 has become the year that many people will remember for record-breaking prices and a far-reaching cost-of-living crisis. With a lack of affordable housing, skyrocketing interest rates and the ongoing energy crisis, more Australians than ever before have been turning to charities, not-for-profits and food banks just to get by.

The team behind CheapBills and icause have combined their powers as an energy comparison service and crowdfunding platform, to bring Australians a brand new way to cut the costs of power bills AND donate to a crowdfunding campaign at the same time, all without spending a cent.

In recent times households have been forced to cut down on their spending, and unfortunately, one of the first things to go is donations, with charities, communities, schools, sports clubs and individuals all fighting for the same shrinking donor pool.

But icause have come up with a way for charities to avoid missing out, even in the face of tightening budgets. Along with the team at CheapBills, they have created a brand new way to fundraise.

The innovative concept is a crowdfunding platform, featuring a new way to donate - Switch and Donate. It is a simple and effective way to donate to a crowdfunding campaign and make a huge difference in someone’s life. Not only is the donation completely free, but it can save money on utility bills at the
same time.

To make a donation, donors just need to contact CheapBills to compare energy plans, NBN plans or Pay TV providers, and if they decide to switch to a new provider, CheapBills will donate 30% of their commissions to a nominated icause crowdfunding campaign.

The amount donated depends on the service that is switched, starting from $30 for Pay TV to $87 for electricity and gas. Donors can compare more than one bill to boost the donation amount to upwards of $500.

The icause website features campaigns for personal causes, charity campaigns and not-for-profit organisations that donors can choose to support, or they can choose to create their own crowdfunding campaign for free.

As well as Switch and Donate, there is the option to donate directly using Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and Google Pay or Apple Pay.

icause and CheapBills are revolutionising the fundraising landscape, providing a way to support important causes, even when there’s nothing left in the monthly budget. There’s never been a more important time to start raising funds and making a difference.

Visit to get started.

For media enquiries, more information or to set up a fundraiser contact Muhammad Haider - or contact 0430 035 554.

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