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BlueDot pioneers new future of infectious disease intelligence with launch of the Global Disease Surveillance 3.0 engine

BlueDot Global Disease Surveillance 3.0 engine

BlueDot Global Disease Surveillance 3.0 engine

BlueDot, infectious disease intelligence company

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Advanced technology powered by Large Language Models to transform global infectious disease surveillance with real-time insights on outbreaks & disease activity

The release of the 3.0 surveillance engine and the incorporation of LLM technology represent a monumental leap forward for global infectious disease intelligence”
— Dr. Kamran Khan
TORONTO, ON, CANADA, September 6, 2023/ -- BlueDot Inc., a global leader in infectious disease intelligence, announced the launch of its groundbreaking Global Disease Surveillance 3.0 engine. Building upon the success of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered 2.0 surveillance engine, BlueDot's latest innovation marks a paradigm shift in global disease surveillance. Harnessing the power of Large Language Model (LLM) technology, the engine will extract infectious disease intelligence insights within minutes, enabling organizations to respond more swiftly and effectively to emerging diseases.

The 3.0 engine employs advanced large language modeling to accurately extract relevant data on emerging or active infectious outbreaks from a growing number of global sources to ensure genuine real-time reporting with greater context. The launch also enables direct access to BlueDot's live Disease Newsfeed, an exciting development that will be available through an easily accessible API.

BlueDot’s previous 2.0 engine was one of the world’s first AI-powered infectious disease surveillance systems and eliminated the manual, lengthy surveillance processes previously undertaken by public health departments, defense agencies, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies by providing near-real time surveillance. This engine successfully picked up signals of an unknown infectious disease that would later become known as COVID-19 — allowing BlueDot to send out an alert five days ahead of the WHO. The 3.0 engine leverages new technology to improve contextual information extraction, resulting in more rapid outputs and reducing the need for human review.

"The release of the 3.0 surveillance engine and the incorporation of LLM technology represent a monumental leap forward for global infectious disease intelligence," said Dr. Kamran Khan, CEO & founder of BlueDot. "With this innovative solution, we're empowering our clients with faster and more contextualized insights today, while concurrently laying the foundation for exciting new innovations that are forthcoming.”

In July 2023 alone, the 3.0 surveillance engine processed over 685,000 official and non-official sources from every country in the world — identifying over 23,000 disease events in that month. This evolution lays the foundation for several launches and upgrades that BlueDot will deploy — including unexpected trends in reported cases.

This project received a Government of Canada investment through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). To learn more, visit their website or read more about the funding here.

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BlueDot's intelligence platform empowers public and private sector organizations to rapidly identify, understand, and effectively respond to global infectious disease threats. Combining human and artificial intelligence to track the activity of hundreds of infectious diseases and syndromes worldwide, it applies academic data science and deep subject matter expertise to anticipate global spread and impact. BlueDot ensures clients immediately know when important infectious disease threats emerge anywhere in the world and helps them focus on those that matter most to their organization. Founded in 2013 and used by the City of Chicago, Taiwan CDC, Air Canada, and more, BlueDot helps clients make critical decisions with clarity and confidence. Learn more at 

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