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Air Esscentials Presents City of Doral Signature Scent

City of Doral Mayor, Christi Fraga, visits Air Esscentials

City of Doral Mayor, Christi Fraga, discovering Air Esscentials aromas at their showroom in Doral, FL.

Doral, Florida

MIAMI, FL, USA, August 30, 2023/ -- Air Esscentials, a pioneering force in scent branding and innovative air care solutions, proudly introduces the captivating "City of Doral Signature Scent." Meticulously curated, this extraordinary fragrance pays homage to the dynamic city of Doral, Florida, celebrated for its rapid growth, accolades, and business-friendly environment.

Doral, heralded as the fastest growing city in Florida and 11th in the nation by the Florida International University's Metropolitan Center, is a true beacon of success. Acknowledged as a Real Estate Achiever and Leader by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the city has also earned the prestigious R.E.A.L Award. Doral's recognition as the best city in Florida for business start-ups, as bestowed by BusinessWeek, further solidifies its position as an economic powerhouse.

In celebration of Doral's achievements, Air Esscentials unveils the City of Doral Signature Scent. This aromatic masterpiece artfully captures the city's unparalleled growth and entrepreneurial spirit. The scent, carefully composed, features the regal aroma of palm essential oil, symbolizing Doral's flourishing landscapes. Intertwined are invigorating mid-notes of zesty lime, embodying the city's energetic vibrancy. The fragrance culminates with a sweet citrus base, reminiscent of Doral's sun-soaked horizons.

The City of Doral Signature Scent marks Air Esscentials' third venture into crafting signature fragrances for cities. With 18 years of experience, Air Esscentials specializes in elevating environments through scent branding, fostering captivating sensory experiences. From retail to healthcare, entertainment to hospitality, their advanced environmental scent delivery systems create long-lasting memories for a diverse range of clients.

"Our goal is to blend the art of fragrance with the science of emotion, transforming spaces into immersive sensory journeys," explains Spence Levy, President of Air Esscentials. "The City of Doral Signature Scent embodies the city's achievements, allowing residents and visitors to connect with Doral on a deeper level."

As a testament to their commitment to enhancing ambiance, Air Esscentials will infuse iconic Doral locations, including the esteemed Doral City Hall, with the evocative City of Doral Signature Scent. This fragrant initiative aims to create lasting memories and sensory impressions for all who experience the city's unique charm.

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