8vdx announces investment in Y Combinator-backed Giga ML through its YC Demo Day Funds

Leading the Way in On-Premise Large Language Models for Enterprises

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- 8vdx is thrilled to announce its seed-stage investment in Giga ML, a Y Combinator S23 startup that is revolutionizing the deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs). As the first check in Giga ML post its YC launch, 8vdx is confident in the potential and transformative capabilities of Giga ML's offerings.

Giga ML, a member of the Y Combinator Summer 2023 cohort, is dedicated to supercharging open-source LLMs to outperform even the likes of GPT-4. Their platform provides a staggering 70% cost reduction compared to the GPT-4 API, delivers outputs 300% faster, and boasts fine-tuning expertise derived from over 300 experiments. Their flagship model, X1 Chat, invites users to experience the benefits of custom fine-tuned models.

Innovative Launches:
Giga ML recently unveiled their secure on-premise LLMs for enterprises, emphasizing their commitment to data privacy and security. Their platform is designed to fine-tune and deploy open-source LLMs with high-speed inference, secure on-premise deployment, and OpenAI API compatibility.

Furthermore, Giga ML's X1 Large 32k is touted as the most powerful on-premise deployable model, customized for industry-specific needs. This model, pre-trained and fine-tuned on the llama2 70B, outperforms Claude 2 on the MT bench, showcasing its capabilities.

Founders' Vision:
Esha Manideep Dinne and Varun Vummadi, co-founders of Giga ML, met during their freshman year at IIT Kharagpur. Their shared vision and dedication led them to forgo opportunities at Stanford and a high-frequency trading firm, respectively, to focus on Giga ML. Their mission is to address the challenges faced by enterprises in deploying and experimenting with open-source LLMs, ensuring optimal performance, data privacy, and cost-effectiveness.

Varun Vummadi, co-founder of Giga ML said “The launch of X1 Large signifies our commitment to bridging the gap in the current LLM landscape. With the introduction of our on-premise LLMs, X1 Large 8k and 32k, we're addressing the industry's need for specialized pre-training and fine-tuning capabilities. Our models, built on the foundation of llama2 70B, have demonstrated superior performance, outpacing Claude 2 on the MT bench with a score of 8.1 vs 8. We're excited to offer a solution that combines performance, customization, and security for enterprises”.

"We are immensely proud to back Giga ML and its visionary founders. Just as India marked a significant milestone with Chandrayaan-3 in space exploration, we believe Giga ML is poised to herald a similar defining moment in AI. Their dedication to advancing the capabilities of LLMs and commitment to data security resonates deeply with our ethos at 8vdx. We're excited to be part of this transformative journey," said Ravi Chachra, co-founder at 8vdx.

For more information about Giga ML and their groundbreaking solutions, visit Giga ML's official website.

About 8vdx (YC W22): 8vdx is an intelligent vertical fundraising software stack for early-stage startups and investors. It provides a CRM with AI-powered pipeline management, performance monitoring tools, and a collaborative data room connected to a venture marketplace. 8vdx through its YC Demo Day Funds has invested in over 80 Y Combinator-backed startups over the past 18 months.

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