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Sharla RESNET 2020-2021 Awards

Sharla RESNET 2020-2021 Awards



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EnergySmart Institute has won awards and accolades for the quality of their online on-demand courses including many testimonials from students & industry peers.

Sharla and her team at EnergySmart Institute have done, and continue to do, an amazing job at offering the latest in HERS and ENERGY STAR training.”
— Martha Garcia, ARCXIS Training & Development Director
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2023/ -- The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has spurred great interest in jobs and careers in the energy efficiency and clean energy fields.

Certified Home Energy Raters, also known as HERS* raters, are needed to obtain energy tax incentives and rebates for residential owners and tenants. Especially large rebates are available for residences certified under the ENERGY STAR and Zero Energy Ready Home programs. HERS raters provide the services needed for these residential certifications.

It will take a great number of certified HERS raters to effectively implement the IRA program nationwide. High quality training for Raters must be available nationally with a proven track record of successful outcomes.

The EnergySmart Institute offers online, on-demand courses for residential energy professionals that has received high praise from students and corporations alike. Here are some of the testimonials that the organization has received:

Sharla and her team at EnergySmart Institute have done, and continue to do, an amazing job at offering the latest in HERS and ENERGY STAR training. When we enroll our inspectors in their courses we know they will receive high-quality online educational materials and will be well prepared to take their certification exams. The team at ESI provides great customer service; they are quick to respond and will solve any issues you may have quickly and efficiently. We are happy to partner with ESI.
--Martha Garcia, MBA, PMP, ARCXIS Training & Development Director.

We serve 28 states
We certify 40% of all ENERGY STAR homes
We perform more than 500,00 inspections annually
We work with 95% of the top 20 builders

The HERS Rater certification course was presented in a way that was easy to follow and very very very informative. As an HVAC designer I knew some of the information already, but even those sections that I thought I knew I still learned something. Sharla you're a great instructor, covering things in great detail, and I found you interesting to listen to. I can tell you know your stuff and that is always something I value in an instructor.
--Mark R.

The RESNET HERS (Energy) Modeler Certification course was a lot of information on a subject I had no familiarity with and was presented in such a way that encouraged me to keep learning more! I like that you get another attempt at the quizzes. It helped me to gauge how much information I absorbed, and whether I needed to go back and re-watch the module or study my notes before moving on. I also like the Office Hours kept by the instructor. They really helped give me clarity when I was feeling overwhelmed or confused.
--Karen N.

The RESNET HERS (Energy) Modeler Certification course did a good job diving in to shallow end of a bit of every part of the process. You learned both how to acquire a number and WHY it was important. Learning the process before and inside Ekotrope is helpful as it shows the home from 2 different perspectives. Neat to see all parts. Sharla was very passionate about her teaching and always was willing to answer questions and help. Typically online courses have been a struggle in the past when it comes to feedback or that passion.
--Cody M.

The EnergySmart Institute has won awards and accolades from students and from industry peers. The Emerging Leadership Council of the Residential Energy Services Network “RESNET” has awarded “Best Training Video” to EnergySmart Institute during both years of their program. EnergySmart Institute also won their “Best of Show Award” for exemplary video production to better further the building performance industry.

Why are the courses and training from EnergySmart receiving awards and industry recognition? Lead Instructor Sharla Riead says, “Understanding how an adult learns is critical. Our courses address visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles that keep students engaged and helps their memory retention. Having access to a live instructor with the ability to schedule one-on-one, face-to-face sessions that are convenient for the student helps students ensure they are cementing key concepts and calms exam jitters.”

Many programs are now available and funded that help pay for energy efficient appliances, residences, transportation and more. There is funding for programs that pay for home energy rater, energy modeler, and rating field inspector training and certifications. The EnergySmart Institute has quality training available for all these needed certifications.

*HERS stands for Home Energy Ratings Systems

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