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Our mission is not only to increase awareness but also to instigate real change by promoting prevention,”
— Andrea Thomas
WASHINGTON D.C., US, August 3, 2023/ -- Facing Fentanyl (FF) is proud to announce the second annual National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day on August 21, 2023. The Senate unanimously passed a Resolution last week observing the day each year to recognize the dangers related to this drug and remember the lives lost to fentanyl poisoning.
As the devastating illicit fentanyl crisis continues to grip our nation, this day serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of education, prevention, and collective action to combat the growing public health crisis illicit Fentanyl has posed.

Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, has emerged as a major contributor to the staggering number of drug deaths across the United States, killing at least 109,680 people in 2022. The need for awareness and preventive measures is now more critical than ever, and Facing Fentanyl is committed to playing a vital role in addressing this crisis head-on.

National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. Education: Increase public understanding of the dangers associated with Fentanyl, including its potency, risks, and potential consequences of use or accidental exposure.
2. Prevention: Empower communities with the knowledge and resources to prevent fentanyl-related incidents through education and awareness.
3. Support and Collaboration: Foster partnerships between government agencies, community organizations, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and concerned citizens to form a united front against fentanyl in our country.

Families Impacted by Fentanyl will hold events, educational programs, and outreach initiatives throughout the day and the weekend across the nation leading up to the 21st to raise awareness and promote action to stop fentanyl poisoning. We encourage all members of every community to participate actively in these events and spread the message across their social circles. Facing Fentanyl assembly board members will be traveling to Times Square in New York City to distribute 2000 life-saving doses of Naloxone to the public on the morning of August 21 in an effort to reduce stigma and educate. After the Times Square event, they will be moving to a meeting with top Department of Homeland Security officials to discuss families impacted by Fentanyl. The New York visit will end with a presentation at an NYPD-led Youth center in Brooklyn.

"Our mission is not only to increase awareness but also to instigate real change by promoting prevention," said Andrea Thomas, Founder of Facing Fentanyl. "We need the public to know that Drugs have become more dangerous and deadlier than ever. Illicit Fentanyl is attacking faster and harder than drugs of the past. Fentanyl kills users, the unsuspecting, and those experimenting. Fentanyl is in counterfeit pills that look real, and other drugs that pose as heroin or cocaine. When Fentanyl is in pills, powders, and Marijuana, it is clear there is no end to the possibilities of dangers. Recently, xylazine and other deadly substances have been mixed with Fentanyl, leaving people to overdose or poison without a quick response antidote. Supply, addiction, stigma, lack of education, accountability, recovery options, and mental health are pieces to the problem. We have to work together for solutions. There is no one way, and everyone's help matters. One thing is sure: Teaching prevention and educating people can save lives." Thomas said.

Last year, FF sent a Letter to the President of the United States asking that he address the nation about the dangers of illicit Fentanyl and the National Security Crisis and Public Health Crisis that Fentanyl has posed to our country. The letter receives signatures daily without any promotion but has still not officially been recognized by the White House. "Our prevention day is not political; it's about saving lives and stopping fentanyl use before it starts,
it's about prevention. But the elephant in the room still remains that our country has been complicit with the massive loss of life and remains slow-moving on stopping the flood of fentanyl into the United States. We choose to act now to save lives." Thomas said.

Join us on August 21 as we stand united in the fight against Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs. Together, we can make a lasting impact and safeguard the well-being of our communities.

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FACING FENTANYL is a not-for-profit assembly of grassroots illicit fentanyl awareness groups. We are families affected by fentanyl that have built organizations to warn about the impact of the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl and address the changing drug landscape. Together, we alert the public about the dangers to stop the devastation to other families. We speak for victims of illicit fentanyl poisoning and have been pleading for a whole government response to address this deadly poison. As the death toll rises and more families grieve, advocates and affected family members take the initiative to bring forth NATIONAL FENTANYL PREVENTION AND AWARENESS DAY™. We ask that all of you FACE FENTANYL NOW.

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