Scaling New Heights: MarkiTech.AI Forging Agreements with Deloitte & SE Health

MarkiTech, your AI experts

MarkiTech, your AI experts

SCALE AI: MarkiTech.AI drives AI advancements, develops transformative solutions for demand forecasting, resource optimization, and patient-staff matching.

We want to maximize our service delivery especially when home care needs are higher than the capacity of the healthcare system”
— Jennifer Hayward, VP Business Transformation, SE Health

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 31, 2023/ --

MarkiTech.AI, a leading North American AI-focused company, continues to set new benchmarks in healthcare innovation through transformative partnerships and visionary leadership. In a groundbreaking collaboration, MarkiTech.AI joined hands with SCALE AI, Canada's AI Global Innovation Cluster, to drive revolutionary advancements in healthcare solutions.

Canada's AI Global Innovation Cluster, SCALE AI, has made a strategic investment of $25 million to support six cutting-edge AI projects, focusing on key areas such as supply chain intelligence, continuity of care, and workforce decisions and planning.

MarkiTech.AI, a prominent North American AI-focused company specializing in Telco and Healthcare verticals, was selected as a key partner for the healthcare supply/demand optimization project. The strategic alliance with SCALE AI marks a milestone in MarkiTech.AI's journey to address pressing healthcare challenges. Together with esteemed partners, including SE Health, Deloitte, Plotly, and Manifold Data Mining, MarkiTech.AI has developed three essential solutions: demand forecasting, regional resource optimization, and matching patients to qualified staff.

“We want to maximize our service delivery especially when home care needs are higher than the capacity of the healthcare system” - says Jennifer Hayward, VP Business Transformation, SE Health (Source: Scale AI)

By harnessing the power of AI and automation, MarkiTech experts tackled the critical nurse shortage and burnout crisis, elevating the quality of patient care and optimizing resource allocation. To achieve this vision, MarkiTech.AI utilized patient demand forecasts and team boundary assignments for Nurses and PSWs as inputs. The existing Master Schedule Tool was revised to automate and optimize how available staff were matched to patients on a day-to-day basis in a data-driven, standardized manner across service regions. This approach has maximized service delivery and enhanced the overall experience for both staff and patients.

Under the expert guidance of CEO & founder Nauman Jaffar, MarkiTech.AI drives innovation and accelerates business performance of other companies while improving operational efficiencies using emerging technologies like AI, 5G, and IoT. Over the last 8 years, MarkiTech.AI had developed a range of cutting-edge AI technology solutions for the healthcare sector, including Remote Patient Monitoring Platform (SenSights.AI), AI Camera-Powered Vitals Scanning (Veyetals), AI wellness assistant (Hey Abby), On-call Vitals Monitoring with AI scribe (VitalsOnline +ClearMD) and Workforce Infection Prevention (Safe2Work.AI), primarily focusing on Older Adults and community care in B2B settings. The company's core values of agility, entrepreneurship, and innovation set it apart in the industry.

At the forefront of innovation, Nauman Jaffar has received recognition for his exceptional contribution to the industry and his visionary leadership in driving transformative healthcare solutions. Most recently In 2022, the MarkiTech company founder and CEO was named one of the “Five Most Dynamic AI” Leaders by CIO Times, and this year he was recognized as one of the “10 Most Dynamic Leaders Changing the Business World” by Icon Magazine.

“In my endeavors, I’m driven by a result, an opportunity to help people live a better, healthier, and safer life. I’m also inspired by successful people that change the world for the better in small steps without compromising their beliefs and values,” says Nauman.

MarkiTech.AI's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge solutions, strategic partnerships, and a passion for improving patient outcomes has been firmly established. As the company scales new heights in healthcare, it continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital health space.

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