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EnergySmart Institute has received many testimonials and awards for their online on-demand courses and certification processes.

The series of classes that have been offered are superior to any I have attended prior in my career. You are a dominant force of information and delivery.”
— Janet Smalter - Plans Examiner - City of Lawrence, Kansas
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 27, 2023/ -- It is common practice for companies and organizations to claim that they offer the best service or product. What is not so common is to have accolades from others who you work with or train.

Now that funding from the Inflation Reduction Act is available, the demand for trained and certified energy professionals has started, especially for residential home energy raters, aka HERS* Raters. Now the quest becomes how to find the best quality online training available.

One of the best ways to find quality training is to look for companies that are recognized as exceptional by their peers and also by their students. Another excellent way to find quality training is to look for award-winning companies and organizations.

Here are some of the testimonials that EnergySmart Institute has received:

“The series of classes that have been offered are superior to any I have attended prior in my career. You are a dominant force of information and delivery!”
-- Janet Smalter |RA| LEED® AP | Plans Examiner in Plan Review & Licensing Division, City of Lawrence, Kansas

“The HERS Rater certification course offers a wide array of information and is offered in an interesting way. The videos are kept fairly short, which keeps a person from getting bored. I like that you can learn at your own pace.”
-- Andy F.

“The HERS Rater certification course is very informative and easy to follow along. I like that it is broken up into many modules so all of the information doesn’t run together, and you can take a break between topics. I like the videos; they make it easy to follow along and go back if needed. The drawings in the videos make things easier to understand and the quizzes immediately following each topic test your knowledge to see if you missed something and need to go back and review it again.”
-- Jeremy G.

“The HERS Rater certification course has been one of the better online educational programs I have used. There is a ton of material, but the videos and quizzes really broke up the monotony. I like that it is 100% online.”
-- Jerry M.

“The course was very structured, thorough, candid, trusted, and high quality. I like that you can always stop and restart the videos so that you can learn at your own pace. The quizzes and reference material are great for studying and retaining information. The instructor's responsiveness and continued support are also really valuable. I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing instructor! I will and already have highly recommended you to anyone considering getting certified.”
– Gabrielle L.

In addition to testimonials, training and videos from the EnergySmart Institute have won awards from industry peers. The Emerging Leadership Council of the Residential Energy Services Network “RESNET” has awarded “Best Training Video” to EnergySmart Institute during both years of their program. EnergySmart Institute also won their “Best of Show Award” for exemplary video production to better further the building performance industry.

What is the key to quality online, on-demand training? Sharla Riead, Lead Instructor says, “Understanding how an adult learns is critical. Courses must address visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles. Keeping students engaged is key. Of course, having access to a live instructor with the ability to schedule one-on-one, face-to-face sessions that are convenient for the student helps students ensure they are cementing key concepts and calms exam jitters.”

State and local energy and environment programs are becoming available and funded that pay for home energy rater, energy modeler, and rating field inspector training and certifications. The EnergySmart Institute has quality training available for all these needed certifications.

*HERS stands for Home Energy Ratings Systems

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