New Book Launch "Gap Year Cash: Side Hustles for Students to Make Money to Go!"

Gap Year Ca$h Book - available on all formats.

Gap Year Ca$h Book - available on all formats.

Jim James, Author.

Jim James, Author.

Gap Year Ca$h Cover

Gap Year Ca$h Cover

New book provides answers to the cash question for gap year students.

After COVID, young people deserve gap year but most can't afford it. I wrote Gap Year Ca$h to explain how to they can use side hustles to pay for the adventure of a lifetime.”
— Jim James


"GAP YEAR CA$H" shows 18-21 year olds students how to make money before their time runs out.

"Gap Year Ca$h: Side Hustles for Students to Make Money to Go!" is a practical guide for 18-21 year old students who intend to take a year out, and need to find ways to pay for their adventure of a lifetime. This book is aimed at the central dilemma facing young people who can't earn enough money to take advantage of the gap year. The British education system is not preparing young people with the skills, examples and confidence to make money for themselves, and so an entrepreneur has written a playbook to solve that problem.

The business models described in the book are all designed to be able to make money quickly, legally and without the need of any investment. The bright ideas include buying & selling, leveraging assets, creating physical and virtual objects, organising events, sponsorships, serving others and exploiting the 'internet goldmines'. The book also delves into the merits of raising money alone, in partnership and in a group. It details the mechanics of money including pricing and cash flow. The young reader can use the included templates for press relations, sponsorships and showing gratitude. It also provides ways to make money whilst on a year out and on return, and lists useful associations and other relevant reading.

The stark statistic is that it would take 640 days of minimum-wage work for an 18-21-year-old to fund 365 days of travel; quite simply, young people run out of time. In 2022, an estimated 181,500-185,200 18-24-year-olds in the UK took a gap year, with between 101,640 and 103,712 actually travelling on a gap year. The average year-long travelling cost amounted to £27,097 (*1). In terms of funding, 20% of young people will borrow from the Bank of Mum and Dad, whilst the rest will work by the hour, losing their precious allotment of time for travel. Many simply cannot afford the expense of travelling overseas, missing out on a massive opportunity for self-development, which in turn will help them to secure better careers and to contribute to society.

Author Jim James explains, "After COVID, young people deserve gap year but most can't afford it. I wrote Gap Year Ca$h to explain how to they can use side hustles to pay for the adventure of a lifetime."

International entrepreneur Jim James wrote this book prompted by conversations with his nieces, who were facing a gap year and the prospect of raising money to go overseas. In the book, James introduces his experiences of raising money by jumping out of an aeroplane at 17 to raise funds for Operation Raleigh and merchandising T-Shirts to travel to Costa Rica. He has self published this book.

In addition to its groundbreaking content, "Gap Year Ca$h" also marks a breakthrough in its production process. ChatGPT, an AI language model by OpenAI, has been used in its creation. Explanations and calculations can be better and more quickly detailed by the AI application than a poor typist.
James also had to master MidJourney AI to generate a backpack full of cash for the book cover design. The use of AI to generate money is also included in the book.

"Gap Year Ca$h" empowers young people to break free from financial constraints, ensuring the valuable gap year experience is accessible to all. Its release marks an essential step towards economic and educational equality, and it is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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About Jim James:
Jim James is an international entrepreneur, author, podcast and radio show host and business coach. James spent 25 years living and working in Asia and now resides in the UK, running The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Group. He has two books published by Wiley (NYSE: WLY). With "Gap Year Ca$h", James provides innovative solutions for financial independence. He supports the dream of every young adult to explore the world.

*1 Source: Department for Education and a gap year each year.

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