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Formidable Force of NMCB 22 Seabees Deploys 5th Time In Support of Nebraska Army National Guard

Situated at the Camp Mead and Silver Creek training grounds in South East Nebraska, these project sites serve as vital training environments where NGNE soldiers can refine their military occupational specialties and leadership skills. The scope of the Seabees' tasks encompasses pouring concrete foundations, constructing multiple buildings, restoring an inoperative shower facility, building a training bunker, repurposing an abandoned structure as a grenade range, and rehabilitating a nearly quarter-mile stretch of road.

For the Seabees of NMCB 22, these real-world infrastructure projects not only offer invaluable hands-on experience but also address tangible needs. "Our Seabees are passionate about being part of missions like this. They joined with a desire to build and work hard," emphasized Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason Steinke (SCW) of NMCB 22 leadership. "The dedication displayed by our sailors over the past two weeks has been extraordinary. Their efforts will yield lasting results, strengthening our unit's administrative and operational readiness while leaving a positive impact for decades to come."

Headquartered in Port Hueneme, CA, NMCB 22 serves as a versatile engineering and civil support unit for the Navy, Marine Corps, and joint operational forces. Renowned as the expeditionary engineering and construction experts of the naval service, the Seabees deliver tailored, adaptable, and combat-ready engineering and construction forces to support global Navy and Force objectives.

Armed with their trademark can-do spirit and exceptional technical skills cultivated through years of combined experience, the Seabee teams swiftly descended upon the Nebraska job sites and immediately tackled the complex challenges that lay before them. Adapting to difficult working conditions, limited resources, and logistical obstacles, these sailors remain undeterred, showcasing their resilience and determination as they carry out ground-up construction operations thousands of miles away from their Southern California home base.

US Army Colonel Christopher Weskamp, the Nebraska National Guard's construction, facilities, and maintenance officer, commended the fruitful partnership between the Army and Navy, which has yielded substantial benefits. "This collaboration has proven mutually advantageous. Together, we are constructing infrastructure that will be utilized by Army Reservists, active-duty Army, Marines, Navy, and even Air Force personnel; all services converge on this site for training. Our soldiers will benefit immensely, and this enhanced training environment will have a long-lasting impact."

Under the scorching Nebraska sun, the NMCB 22 teams exemplify exceptional teamwork and skill, working tirelessly to complete all assigned tasks within the remarkably short two-week timeframe. The improved facilities now facilitate more efficient training exercises, streamlined logistics support, and enhanced overall operational readiness. The shared dedication and hard work of these US Navy Seabees have ensured the successful execution of this ambitious project. While these enhancements may appear modest in scale, they form an integral part of fortifying the capabilities, infrastructure, and preparedness of the United States Armed Forces as a whole.