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ChatGPT used to make AI-powered Interrogation Game in AR

 ChatGPT AI powered Interrogation Game

ChatGPT used to make AI-powered interrogation game in AR

Prologue XR announces the release of their latest True Crime Episode using Conversational AI.

In our interrogation game, we capitalize on the fact that Large Language Models are very powerful but hallucinate "fabricated content”, just like criminals lies about their alibi or affiliations”
— Jonathan Rouxel - Creative Director of Prologue XR

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 21, 2023/ -- Prologue XR, an innovative indie game developer, is set to release their groundbreaking interrogation game integrating advanced Conversational AI technology. This immersive experience uses ChatGPT AI language model, to allow players to dive into the thrilling world of crime-solving as they interrogate 5 suspects and uncover the truth behind the famous 'Heist of the Century.'

ChatGPT used to make AI-powered interrogation game

The game, accessible through the CrimeTrip app on both Android and iOS, takes players on a journey back to March 30th, 1976, when an audacious armored truck heist unfolded in broad daylight amidst Montreal's bustling business district. This high-stakes robbery, involving the theft of 2.8 million dollars, without a single drop of blood spilled, stands as the largest heist in North American history at the time.

Players assume the role of a detective tasked with identifying the culprits by turning one of the five suspects into a mole through deep interrogation. The players have the freedom to use their own voice to ask any questions or make statements they choose, opening up a virtually limitless range of possible interactions and truly personalizing the gaming experience.

Using Unity AR Foundation game engine, the game features augmented reality technology. The interrogation game creates a lifelike, explorable interrogation room, allowing players to walk in the room, examine evidence and gather crime scene clues using their mobile devices or tablets.

During game-play, users communicate with the suspects via Azure speech-to-text, while ChatGPT generates realistic responses based on real-life information about the crime. Answers are then converted with next-level Text-To-Speech (TTS) giving lifelike realistic voices to the 5 suspects.

With only a limited number of interactions available, players must skillfully and strategically ask the right questions, making every decision count as they navigate through the engaging inquiry. Each playthrough takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, with the goal of obtaining a confession from one of the AI-based suspects.

Prologue XR has previously released five true crime episodes featuring AR technology and AI-generated voices. The developer's success in incorporating AI into both gameplay and storyline elements has paved the way for this innovative interrogation experience.

Fernando Silva Da Luz, Senior Developer of Prologue XR explains that this technology animates the entire game in response to user input: "CrimeTrip integrates this innovative technology by presenting players with AI-based characters that can understand and interact with users in a highly realistic manner, eliminating the need for scripted animations or conversations."

As the world of gaming evolves, the integration of ChatGPT into the CrimeTrip app is paving the way for more interactive and immersive storytelling experiences. Soon, users will have the opportunity to test their skills as an interrogator while unraveling the mystery behind the notorious “Heist of the Century” and “Contract Project” detailing one of the largest Money Laundering schemes ever committed by major drugs cartels and the Italian mafias.

Heist Of the Century - Trailer

Download now the ChatGPT's AI-Powered Interrogation Game Adventure, and get ready to dive into the world of true crime solving like never before. Visit CrimeTrip on iOS or Android here:

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Prologue XR
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ChatGPT used to make AI-powered interrogation game