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Harnessing the Power of Focus in Research: Labfront Teams Up With Seekrtech

The collaboration offers Labfront customers free access to Seekrtech's productivity-app Forest, furthering their commitment to focused, efficient research.

Our partnership with Seekrtech represents Labfront's dedication to equipping health researchers with the best tools to optimize their productivity.”
— Chris Peng, Labfront CEO and Co-Founder

BOSTON, MA, U.S.A., June 20, 2023/ -- Global startup Labfront, specializing in health data collection and analytics, and Seekrtech, the creators of the popular productivity app Forest, are excited to announce their partnership aimed at empowering researchers to be more productive and efficient. This collaboration brings the focus-enhancing Forest app to all Labfront paying customers for free, furthering Labfront's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for health researchers to optimize their workflow.

Labfront's innovative digital biomarker collection and analytics platform is revolutionizing academic health research by simplifying the processing of complex data from the multitude of sensors used in the scientific community. With this partnership, Labfront is taking productivity to the next level by offering Seekrtech's acclaimed app to its platform users.

"We’re excited to be working with Labfront to make our apps more science-driven," said Marcus Pi, CEO and Founder of Seekrtech. "This partnership is a testament to Seekrtech's commitment to providing solutions that enhance productivity and focus, and we look forward to collaborating with Labfront to further support health researchers in their important work."

As part of this collaboration, all Labfront customers on a Basic or Advanced plan are eligible to receive lifetime access to Forest. The app helps users stay away from their smartphones by gamifying the process of staying focused and avoiding distractions, allowing them to grow a virtual forest as they concentrate on their work. Seekrtech's other apps, SleepTown and WaterDo, also promote healthy habits and effective time management, making them invaluable tools for researchers who need to stay focused and organized.

"Our partnership with Seekrtech represents Labfront's dedication to equipping health researchers with the best tools to optimize their productivity,” stated Labfront CEO and Co-Founder Chris Peng. “By offering the Forest app to our customers, we are furthering our mission to streamline the research workflow, ultimately driving meaningful advancements in the field of health research."

Labfront and Seekrtech's partnership exemplifies their shared commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance productivity for researchers. By utilizing the Forest app for focus and Labfront's platform for data collection and management, researchers can anticipate a more productive and efficient workflow.


About Labfront
Labfront is a global startup specializing in health data analytics. Its code-free digital biomarker collection and analytics platform simplifies the processing of complex data, helping health researchers transition to a data-rich future.

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About Seekrtech
Seekrtech is a creative digital design agency that develops apps to help users focus on their lives. Its apps, including Forest, SleepTown, and WaterDo, promote productivity, healthy habits, and time management.

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