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Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Sets New Record by Collecting 2,600 kg of Surplus Food at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023

The Scholars of Sustenance Foundation achieved a remarkable milestone at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023, collecting 2,600 kg of surplus food.

BANGKOK, BANGKOK, THAILAND, June 9, 2023/ -- The Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS) in Thailand has achieved another remarkable milestone at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023 – Asia's premier food and beverage event. With great success, SOS collected a record-breaking 2,600 kg of food, solidifying their commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. THAIFEX, hosting approximately 78,000 attendees from 133 nations, provided an international platform to showcase SOS's global impact.

As an esteemed partner since 2018, Scholars of Sustenance Foundation has consistently demonstrated its dedication to combating food waste and creating a sustainable future. Over the years, the foundation has rescued an estimated 4,000 kg of surplus food from THAIFEX, resulting in numerous nourishing meals for diverse communities, including low-income households, orphanages, and migrant populations.

Last year's THAIFEX witnessed SOS's distribution of over 6,100 meals across 24 communities. As they approached this year's event, their objectives remained clear: foster meaningful partnerships, collect surplus food, and deliver it to those in need.

Throughout THAIFEX, SOS actively engaged with exhibitors, representing diverse culinary traditions and innovative products, to create a collaborative network. Exhibitors dedicated to the cause were honored with the Certified Zero Waste Hero badge, symbolizing their commitment to fighting waste and hunger. Exhibitors proudly displayed the badge within their booths, allowing SOS volunteers to collect any remaining surplus items.

The foundation's outreach manager, Nantaporn Thirapongphaiboon, had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion on the future of the food system. This platform provided an opportunity to engage in a broader dialogue about sustainability and food waste, emphasizing SOS's mission and vision.

The climactic final day exemplified the power of collective effort as SOS tirelessly roamed the vast 130,000 square meters of event space, engaging with exhibitors and efficiently transporting the collected food to their trucks. Despite the physical demands, their unwavering dedication and the knowledge that they were making a significant impact fueled their spirits. Upon completion, SOS successfully collected surplus food from 27 partners, concluding an enduring yet remarkably fulfilling journey.

The weight of their labor's fruits became evident during the final step of weighing all the collected food. Achieving a record-breaking 2,600 kg of rescued food at THAIFEX, SOS established a new benchmark for their organization. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the foundation's relentless dedication and hard work. However, their mission does not end there.

The Scholars of Sustenance Foundation remains committed to distributing the rescued food to local communities and utilizing it in their upcoming Rescue Kitchen, ensuring that no one goes hungry and no food goes to waste. By creating a cycle of waste reduction and food redistribution, they are actively contributing to building a sustainable world.

Looking ahead, the foundation eagerly anticipates the next THAIFEX, as they continue their unwavering commitment to combat food waste and make a significant impact. They encourage other events to join them in this critical mission, emphasizing the importance of a sustainable future for all. Thaifex's visionary leadership and dedication to food sustainability serve as an inspiration and a blueprint for collective action.

Nantaporn Thirapongphaiboon
Scholars of Sustenance Foundation