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Ready-To-Wear 29ByAdelé Takes New York City by Storm at ATFH EAST COAST SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2023

29ByAdelé at ATFH EAST COAST SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2023 Manhattan, New York

29ByAdelé at ATFH EAST COAST SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2023 Manhattan, New York

From Lagos to Manhattan, the Nigerian Clothing Brand showcased her Latest Collection of Women's Suits, Dresses and Blazers at the Exclusive ATFH ECFW S23.

This was a major step for our Brand. We are so appreciative and grateful for the feedback, we got interests from Buyers & potential partnerships. 29ByAdelé is now available in the US, thank you ATFH!”
— Adeola Adelé, Designer & Founder, "29ByAdelé" Brand
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , June 8, 2023/ -- And No one saw this coming... While it is common expectation in American Fashion that the best in the room will be New York, Los Angeles or Miami Designers, something different occurred this summer. At ATFH ECFW S23, an Exclusive Summer Fashion Week held in a Private Mansion of Uptown Manhattan, a new Name and Face emerged and had guests and shoppers on a 360-round: 29ByAdelé, a Nigeria-based ready-to-wear fashion brand that embodies contemporary style for the modern-day woman with its timeless, exquisite & sustainable designs that channel women's confidence & empower their inner femininity.

The East Coast of the United States showed up in Style at the most anticipated ATFH EAST COAST SUMMER FASHION WEEK of May 24 - 27, 2023. From Visitors to Influencers, Retailers and Commercial Shoppers, the ZENITH ART & FASHION Mansion serving as Venue, was packed for a series of 10 events through the 4 days of the 2023 Summer Opening. Multiple Fashion Designers from around the world showcased their designs across various floors in the Mansion. Guests drove or flew from several states of the East Coast to participate and capture valuable content and relationships from this innovative opportunity. Upon arrival, you were greeted and vetted by Security, then let up to Floor 1 where you could network and explore shopping booths with items offered for purchase; Guests were allowed to travel up to Floor 2 and network with other visitors as well as shop across other brands displayed on that level. Floor 3 was off-limit for Backstage, reserved for models, show staff and media pass holders.

Then came Friday May 26 and Saturday May 27, it was her turn and boy did she not disappoint:
Adeola Adelé put on a Terrific Show that had the house in AWE with her latest versatile and stylish collection ranging from Women's Suits, Co-ords, Dresses, StandAlone Pants, Blazers, to her Signature Jumpsuits. Adeola Adelé is a Nigerian Fashion Designer, Founder of the "29ByAdelé" Brand. With an academic background in Transport Technology, she had no experience in fashion nor investor(s) or startup capital; she committed to hard work and devoted all her resources to develop and grow the brand to where it is today. At its 2nd year of operations only, with no prominent endorsement, SOLELY BY THE MERIT OF ITS DESIGNS AND CUSTOMERS' RECOMMENDATIONS, 29ByAdelé ships its luxury items to more than 10 countries. Adeola's vision is to grow 29ByAdelé into a Global Powerhouse Brand known for Timeless Innovative Designs pleasant to the eyes and harmless to the environment. By showcasing at ATFH ECFW S23, the brand aims to open new markets and attract new consumer bases while surveying feedback from industry pioneers and active shoppers from the world's leading markets.

ATFH EAST COAST SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2023 was hosted by ATF Fashion House NYC, a New York Fashion Buyer, Distribution and Event company located on 5th Avenue and Central Park, that helps promote and sell emerging brands from around the world into the American market and 29 foreign countries.

"It was such a great experience to host ADEOLA and her Brand. Like for everyone else in the room, 29ByAdelé exceeded our expectations! It is very encouraging in our mission to support emerging brands to see some designers who deliver at the high level like this. When you can give your audience products of quality backed by an inspiring story and a genuine founder, sales come easy and partnership opportunities flood"... said Inrich Timamo, Head of Brands at ATF FASHION HOUSE NYC

29ByAdelé is available for purchase on the Brand's Website: and through Instagram:

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