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Occuspace Expands University Footprint, Secures New Partnerships with Dozens of Leading U.S. and Canadian Institutions

Occuspace, the occupancy management solution

Boston College students use Occuspace's Waitz app to see how busy dining halls are in real time.

Boston College students use Occuspace's Waitz app to see how busy dining halls are in real time.

More universities turning to occupancy data to manage campus buildings, elevate space planning, and improve student experiences in public spaces.

I’m excited because we are giving students a tool to find important information as they navigate campus.”
— Sathish Gopalrao, University of Wisconsin–Madison

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ -- Occuspace, the developer of easy, affordable, and scalable spatial analytics solutions, announces its rapid growth and market penetration in higher education. With partnerships now established at a multitude of universities and colleges across the United States and Canada, Occuspace continues to revolutionize campus space management and enhance the student experience through advanced occupancy tracking and analytics.

As educational institutions face unprecedented challenges related to campus space limitations, budget cuts, and in certain cases declining enrollment, Occuspace's technology has emerged as a game-changer. By leveraging anonymous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data from easy-to-install occupancy monitoring sensors, Occuspace provides real-time insights into actual space utilization, enabling administrators, facilities teams, and space planners to optimize their buildings, improve operational efficiency, and ensure student satisfaction.

The company announces the addition of distinguished schools, including Boston College, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Texas State University, University of Wisconsin–Madison, SUNY Brockport, The University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of Central Florida among others.

The ongoing expansion into higher education also marks a significant milestone for Occuspace with an increase in adoption at Canadian institutions including University of Calgary, University of Ottawa, and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). In addition, existing customers Columbia University, Wake Forest University’s ZSR Library, Vanderbilt University, McGill University, and more are increasing their use of the technology across their campuses.

Occuspace offers educational institutions key insights into space utilization trends, peak traffic hours, and high-occupancy areas for shared spaces like libraries, gyms, dining halls, student centers, and classrooms. More universities are also turning to occupancy data as they consider how to allocate workspace and design and optimize office spaces for faculty and staff. This data empowers universities to make better-informed decisions ultimately leading to cost savings, improved space usage, and enhanced student experiences.

Additionally, crowd data can be provided to students via the Occuspace Waitz mobile app to “know before they go” to a potentially busy place on campus. The app includes predictive analytics that relays the busiest times of day for specific spaces and forecasts how occupied spaces will be by the week, day, or even hour.

“I’m excited because we are giving students a tool to find important information as they navigate campus,” says Sathish Gopalrao, IT director for University Housing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. “Personally, I hope everybody—or a majority of our students—will begin to look at Waitz to make decisions about which dining location they want to go to eat or where to study in the library.”

Occuspace's commitment to privacy and data security remains paramount. All data collected is fully anonymized and complies with strict privacy regulations. The company adheres to industry-leading best practices to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all information gathered.

“We are ecstatic about our partnerships with dozens of the most esteemed higher education institutions in North America," said Nic Halverson, CEO and co-founder of Occuspace. "Our solution aligns perfectly with their commitment to delivering exceptional learning and staff work environments and maximizing the potential of their campus facilities. With Occuspace, universities and colleges can proactively adapt to evolving needs, maximize space usage, and increase student satisfaction."

As Occuspace continues to expand its presence in the higher education vertical, the company remains dedicated to advancing its technology; expanding partnerships in commercial real estate, travel, retail, and multifamily; and delivering cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of campus space management.

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About Occuspace
Occuspace is the easiest and most affordable occupancy management solution. The privacy-friendly IoT occupancy tracking solution and consumer iOS and Android app, Waitz, allow institutions, property owners, and patrons to monitor crowd levels in a given space in real time. Occuspace customers can leverage the power of occupancy data to effectively design and manage the use of physical spaces to improve operations and ultimately visitor experiences.

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