NURO gives back communication to one of the youngest locked-in ​patients in the World

A 17-year-old American teenager is one of the youngest fully locked-in late-stage ALS patients to retrieve communication by thought control without any surgery.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 4, 2023 / -- At 17 years of age, this young girl from Chicago should have the World as her oyster.

Instead, "J" is a fully locked-in patient, completely incapacitated by one of the most debilitating diseases, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, named after the famous American baseball player who died from it. For most, this health condition would be deemed critical yet when one realizes that this young girl is also not able to communicate any longer with her loved ones, her nurses and her doctors, all would agree that such entrapment is possibly one of the most difficult experiences anyone could ever suffer from.

At two of the largest rehabilitation hospital groups in the United States, clinical teams attempted to assist "J" and tried all of the tools at their disposal. At first, "J" had the ability to communicate with an eye gaze system yet that technology became unreliable and ultimately failed.

NURO, a leader in surgery-free neurotechnology from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, was then contacted to assist "J" and, upon the very first implementation of the 'NUOS EXTREME 2' system, the teenager regained instantly her ability to control critical communication, music and video content by thought control and this without any surgery nor even any training nor calibration. "It is amazing !... Without NURO, we would be stuck at Ground 0 again. Thank you !..." express the parents of "J" in this video, which is going to be part of a documentary on "J".

"The World should know what has been achieved. We are absolutely thrilled to assist "J" with the retrieval of her communication despite her critical condition and this is once again an incredible demonstration and clinical validation of our surgery-free architecture with some of the most advanced states of incapacitation." states Francois Gand, the Founder and CEO of NURO.

NURO's non-invasive neurotechnology is today an available alternative to eye gaze systems or any invasive neurosurgical procedure for the retrieval of communication by juvenile and adult patients who are suffering from neurological diseases, complex disorders, stroke or even traumatic injuries or infections.

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