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2023 Invention Contest Showcases Inventions from Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

George Davison, Founder, with 2023 Elementary School Contest Winners

Elementary School Winners from the 2023 Invention Contest

First and Second Place High School 2023 Invention Contest Winners

First and Second Place High School 2023 Invention Contest Winners

Winners from Bethel Park

The 2023 Middle School Winners from Bethel Park

Student competition held at the world headquarters of Inventionland in Pittsburgh, PA

This contest encourages creativity and innovation while fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills among students.”
— Mr. George Davison, Founder
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ -- The 2023 Inventionland Education Invention Contest, held on May 16-18, 2023, at the world headquarters of Inventionland in Pittsburgh, was a resounding success, celebrating the remarkable innovations of elementary, middle, and high school students. This prestigious competition brought together young minds from schools to present their groundbreaking inventions and compete for the top prizes in each category, all evaluated by a panel of distinguished industry professionals.

The Elementary School Invention Contest was an exceptional display of talent and creativity, with teams from across the region showcasing their inventions. Notably, the Seneca Valley School District and the Fort Cherry School District stood out, with seven and five teams making it to the finals, respectively. While Fort Cherry students attended the event in person, Seneca Valley students competed virtually, demonstrating their adaptability. The Fort Cherry students wowed the judges with their imaginative prowess, securing 1st and 3rd places. Their winning project, "The Silly Storyteller," captivated audiences with its ability to provide users with prompts to create fun and imaginative stories. The Seneca Valley students claimed 2nd place with their innovative creation, "A.R.E. Car Umbrella," offering a practical solution to protect vehicles from the elements.

The Middle School Invention Contest drew the largest number of participants from various schools. Notable schools that excelled in the competition included the Grove City Area School District, Avon Lake City School District, Bethel Park School District, Highlands School District, and Seneca Valley School District. Most schools sent their teams to compete in person, while a few opted for virtual participation. The Bethel Park students secured 1st place with their ingenious invention, "TECovers," which provides basketball players with flexible rubber shoe covers, eliminating the need to change shoes on the court. Avon Lake students claimed the 2nd place with their innovative "Moldable Cookie Cutter," while the Highlands team secured the 3rd place with their versatile "Multi-Sports Carrier." The Seneca Valley students also received an honorable mention for their unique project, "C.M.G. Gloves."

The High School Invention Contest witnessed the participation of multiple teams, showcasing the exceptional ingenuity of high school students. The Altoona Area School District high school teams dominated the competition, securing the 1st and 2nd places. Their projects, "Retainer Maintainer" and "Wag Swag," impressed the judges with their practicality and innovative designs. The Kiski School team claimed 3rd place with their remarkable invention, "Narwhal Adventurer."

A standout inventor in the High School category was Bella, a talented student from the Altoona Area School District, who took home 1st place with her creation, "Retainer Maintainer." Bella's invention addressed a common problem by providing a container designed to keep retainers clean, fresh-smelling, and minty, revolutionizing retainer maintenance.

The Inventionland Education 2023 Invention Contest, one of the largest of its kind, showcases young inventors' incredible ingenuity and ability to think beyond boundaries. Serving as the Capstone event after a semester-long applied STEM invention course by Inventionland Education, the opportunity to present to judges at the world headquarters of Inventionland is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

According to Founder George Davison, "This contest encourages creativity and innovation while fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills among students. We extend our warmest congratulations to all the participants and winners for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of invention. We eagerly await to witness more student inventions in the next Inventionland Education contest."

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