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Pioneering Sustainability in Indonesia: A Tale of Synergy Between Scholars of Sustenance and Buyamia Introduction

Pioneering Sustainability in Indonesia: A Tale of Synergy Between Scholars of Sustenance and Buyamia Introduction

BALI, INDONESIA, May 31, 2023/ -- Title: Pioneering Sustainability in Indonesia: A Tale of Synergy Between Scholars of Sustenance and Buyamia

Amid the pressing global issues of climate change and food insecurity, the innovative efforts of Scholars of Sustenance and Buyamia are making a remarkable difference. These two organizations are disrupting conventional paradigms, transforming food distribution, empowering local communities, and fostering sustainable commerce in Indonesia.

A Fabulous Concept: Scholars of Sustenance's Investment in Buyamia

Bo H. Holmgreen, the Founder of Scholars of Sustenance - the premier Food Rescue non-profit across South-East Asia, has invested in Buyamia, recognizing its immense potential. His organization has been instrumental in rescuing surplus food from landfills and combating the emission of methane gases across the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. In just six years, Scholars of Sustenance has provided 25 million meals to those in need, demonstrating its profound commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Holmgreen, a recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award in North Carolina, is passionate about nurturing young, innovative entrepreneurs in Indonesia. His investment in Buyamia is a testament to his commitment to sustainable solutions.

Holmgreen noted, "Buyamia, as a business-to-business sourcing platform, simplifies international commerce for businesses by handling product sourcing, quality control, contracts, shipping, and taxes. This e-commerce model, akin to Alibaba, serves as a fantastic opportunity for positive impact in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country."

Revolutionizing Sustainable B2B Commerce: Buyamia

Wayne A. Thompson, the CEO, and founder of Buyamia, has harnessed this opportunity by creating Indonesia's premier B2B e-commerce marketplace dedicated to sustainability. With over 1,000 curated suppliers and more than 30,000 products, Buyamia facilitates connections between artisans, small to medium suppliers, manufacturers, and global business buyers. This platform actively promotes sustainable production and environmentally-friendly products through its green Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

"Buyamia elevates sustainability from mere rhetoric to tangible action. Our partnerships with Scholars of Sustenance and other non-profits align with our shared vision for a better world. By capitalizing on international value differentials, we can provide seed capital and income to smaller entrepreneurs," says Thompson.

Partnerships for a Brighter Future: Buyamia and Scholars of Sustenance

Buyamia, in collaboration with Scholars of Sustenance, Terra water filter, and All Solar World, is making a wider impact. For each container sold, Buyamia provides a family in need with essential resources - food, two years of internet access, electricity, and a water filter. This initiative epitomizes the transformative power of collaborative efforts in driving social and environmental change.

The Imperative of Sourcing from Buyamia's Marketplace

Businesses sourcing from Buyamia's marketplace contribute to an eco-friendly economy while supporting small, sustainable producers. Beyond promoting ethical practices and reducing environmental footprints, purchases from Buyamia also provide vital resources to families in need.


Through their innovative initiatives, Scholars of Sustenance and Buyamia are reshaping the landscapes of food distribution and sustainable commerce. They are tackling pressing global challenges such as food insecurity and climate change, while empowering local communities and promoting a greener future. By sourcing from Buyamia, businesses worldwide can participate in this transformative movement towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world.

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