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CrafterCMS Publishes Handbook on DevContentOps

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CrafterCMS is an open source, headless content management system.

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DevContentOps enables content teams, software developer teams, and DevOps teams to collaboratively work together and improve enterprise productivity.

Detailed guide helps enterprises dramatically raise productivity by enabling content teams and DevOps teams to collaborate much more effectively.

Enabled by our embedded Git-based content repository, DevContentOps is driving dramatic productivity improvements for our enterprise customers”
— Russ Danner, VP Products, CrafterCMS

MCLEAN, VA, USA, May 30, 2023/ -- CrafterCMS, the leading open-source headless CMS for composing content-centric digital experiences, today announced that it has published a detailed handbook for implementing DevContentOps processes. These processes allow a team of software developers, content authors, and system administrators to work together on a single CrafterCMS project across multiple environments. Developers build new features and fix bugs by flowing their updates from lower environments all the way to production. Authors focus on content creation, updates, and publishing. System administrators and DevOps help orchestrate the flow of code from lower to higher environments and content from higher to lower environments. The end result is a much higher level of productivity for enterprises who are building and running modern websites, mobile apps, OTT video apps, e-commerce experience, intranets and portals, and more.

"CrafterCMS continues to innovate with its unique support for DevContentOps processes,", said Russ Danner, VP of Products for CrafterCMS. "Enabled by our embedded Git-based content repository, DevContentOps is driving dramatic productivity improvements for our enterprise customers, some of whom are running the largest websites on the planet. DevContentOps processes enable software developers, content authors and editors, and DevOps teams to seamless work together like never before, by eliminating the bottlenecks imposed by traditional database-centric CMS solutions."

The new guide, published on CrafterCMS's open source project documentation site, covers all the essential topics related to implementing DevContentOps processes. The handbook includes best practices for utilizing code forward / content back processes, working across Dev, QA, Staging, and Production environments, managing and avoiding merge conflicts, handling very large content repositories in Git, and more. The new DevContentOps documentation is available at

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CrafterCMS enables a new era of fast, agile and easier development of high-performance, large-scale and extremely-secure content-rich digital experiences that benefits large enterprises and fast-growing startups. Unlike other headless CMSs built around a database and fixed APIs, CrafterCMS's Git-based content repository, decoupled architecture with extensible APIs, private SaaS, and open source business model with true only-pay-for-what-you-need pricing delivers higher productivity for developers, faster editing and publishing cycle times for content teams, stronger security and easier compliance for ops, and a better ROI for finance. Enterprises can choose from options that include SaaS, self-hosted with enterprise support, and community-supported free open source. Learn more about our enterprise solutions at and our open source project at

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