Bluesphere Carbon & Treegens LLP. Partner to Develop Innovative Treegens ReFi Project

NEW YORK , NY, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023/ -- Bluesphere Carbon is thrilled to announce its co-founding of Treegens LLP., a UK-based company, to develop the Treegens ReFi project, a decentralized regenerative finance platform. This project leverages blockchain technology to promote global reforestation efforts and foster a more sustainable future.

Treegens unveils the world's first dynamic semi-soulbound tokens that evolve visually and level up as the holder acquires the TREES fungible token. Each minted TREES token represents a planted tree, with the Treegens ecosystem employing innovative AI technology to count and verify each planted tree. Furthermore, every planted tree generates carbon credits, and a portion of the revenue is directed towards the Treegens ecosystem to reward holders for their regenerative efforts.

Bluesphere Carbon's CEO, Eddie Soleymani, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Treegens LLP. and Jimi Cohen to realise the Treegens ReFi project. This project has the potential to transform our approach to reforestation and carbon credit generation."

Treegens LLP. is led by Jimi Cohen, who earlier this year set an unofficial world record for tree planting by planting 25,244 mangroves in 21.5 hours in Tanzania. The official world record attempt will take place on World Environment Day, coinciding with the launch of Treegens.

"We're proud to partner with Bluesphere Carbon, leveraging their expertise in regenerative finance and innovative technology within the Treegens ecosystem," said Jimi Cohen, CEO of Treegens LLP. "Our vision is to democratise reforestation, allowing individuals to have a direct stake in creating a more sustainable world."

Shidan Gouran, Executive Chairman of Bluesphere Carbon, echoed the enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "The Treegens ReFi project is a significant advancement in our battle against climate change and biodiversity loss. Through our partnership with Treegens LLP., we aim to make a tangible impact by promoting sustainable practices."

Treegens is a proud recipient of the 2023 Gitcoin grant for Climate Change Solutions, having received the highest number of votes in its category.

For more information on Treegens, visit their website at, and follow @theTreegens on Twitter.

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