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DOC and DGS Announce Selection of the Architectural Program Consultant for the New CTF Annex at the DC Jail

Bowser Administration Announces Selection of Architectural Program Consultant for Correctional Treatment Facility Annex at DC Jail

WASHINGTON, DC – The Department ofBowser in ensuring public safety. Our team at DGS will work in collaboration  with DOC to launch this critical project and deliver a state-of-the-art facility that meets the needs of the community and provides a safe and secure environment  for inmates, staff, and visitors.  We look forward to bringing  this important project to fruition with this initial  programming  phase.”

Following a competitive DGS solicitation  process, CGL was chosen to lead the District through the new jail programming,  pre-design and design phases of this effort.

“CGL is well positioned to lead this initial  phase of the project based on their understanding of facility planning and design, and awareness of our focus on improving  conditions  of confinement while promoting better and more sustainable outcomes for incarcerated residents,” said DOC Director Tom Faust. “We are grateful for Mayor Bowser’s leadership, vision and commitment  to building  a new facility that addresses the needs of the community,  prioritizes  input from our stakeholders, and has as its foundation a rehabilitative  mission”.

The Mayor’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget supports investments in public safety, with an additional $277 million  for the new annex.


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